How Do I Choose the Right Boogie Board (and What Else Do I Need)?

To choose the right boogie board, you should consider several key factors: design, durability, weight, construction, shape, stiffness, and many more. However, you must know that, above all else, you must pick one that is of the right size and suits the kind of riding you intend to do out in the ocean. In addition, it is also highly important that you feel comfortable with your board, so you won't struggle to maneuver it.
How Do I Choose the Right Boogie Board?

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You also need to acquire a few things that will significantly help you ride waves once you are out in the ocean, including wetsuits, flippers, and fins. These will help you control your board easily and boost your overall boogie boarding performance.

Once you already have all the essentials, all that’s left to do is head to the beach to have an amazing and relaxing time playing around with your board.

Are All Boogie Boards the Same?

Generally speaking, boogie boards are built the same for the primary use of riding waves. You must know that not all boogie boards are made identical since they are constructed using different materials. They also come in various colors, sizes, and weights. In addition, the core material of boogie boards greatly determines the rigidity of the entire board.

Choosing a boogie board can be very simple for beginners with a bit of research. EPS or Extruded Polystyrene is one of the famous entry-level core materials for boogie boards. It is lightweight and reasonably cheap compared to other bodyboards. It is up to the boarder to decide which board fits their bodyboarding needs and skills.

What Makes a Good Boogie Board?

There are many factors to consider to determine a good boogie board. There are key elements to note when choosing a good board even if it always comes down to your own personal preference regarding which kind of board you like.

Board cores are crucial in selecting a boogie board as it plays a huge role in determining the overall stiffness of the board.

The shape, method of construction, tails, rails, rocker, and aesthetics are also contributing factors to a good board. A buyer should also consider the rider’s skill level when choosing a boogie board.

What seems to be a good board for an experienced rider can be challenging to use for a beginner boarder.

What Is the Cost of a Boogie Board?

The typical price range of a regular boogie board is around 40 to 60 US dollars. These boards come in different colors, patterns, sizes, and shapes. Boogie boards in this price range can be considered decent boards for a casual bodyboarder. If you are new to boogie boarding, it is highly recommended to start with this board.

If $40 is still too much for your budget, there are cheap boards that cost as low as $10. However, these more inexpensive boards are not well made and can break easily with continuous use. Expensive branded boogie boards usually cost up to $200 or more. These superior boogie boards are made by Thurso Surf, Morey, Custom X, and BPS, providing the most premium-grade performance.

How Much Does a Good Boogie Board Cost?

An average cost of a good-quality boogie board is only around $50. Bodyboard prices are remarkably lower compared to surfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. The boogie board size may be one of the reasons these boards significantly cost less than full-size boards that are commonly used in surfing and other board sports.

A cheaper alternative is inflatable bodyboards, which can cost $10 to $20. Kids’ inflatables used for swimming in the pool are not recommended for extreme bodyboarding. If you are looking for a superior quality board, it will cost you around $200 to $250. Morey Mach, which is one of the most excellent and best-selling boogie boards, costs $249 on the market.

What Material Is a Boogie Board Made of?

Boogie board cores are usually made of polypropylene (P.P.), polyethylene (P.E.), Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), or Parabolic Flex System (PFS).

In addition, there are other polypropylene variations (P.P.) that have lower densities like Loaded, NRG, P.X., EFC, and EFC. This core material combined with meshing to bind the slicks makes a superior boogie board.

It is common to use various materials in making different parts of boogie boards. Using mixed materials gives more flexibility to the board’s price, weight, and durability. Its core is a crucial part of the boogie board that can affect its whole board integrity.

Surlyn and HDPE are the most used material for slicks that are perfect for boogie boarding.

What Kind of Foam Is Used in Boogie Boards?

There are two kinds of foam that are widely used for boogie boards. These are polypropylene, also known as (P.P.), and polyethylene known as (P.E.).

The board foam dictates the performance of the boogie board on the water, so it is important to know the difference between the two. It will be helpful to take note of your beach waves’ size and water temperature before choosing a foam.

Polypropylene (P.P.) foam is most commonly used and designed for warm waters. P.P. cores are lightweight, stiffer, and more durable than polyethylene (P.E.).

It is recommended to use polyethylene (P.E.) core for cooler waters. It also offers more flexibility than P.P., which can be an advantage when catching huge waves.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Boogie Board?

Choosing your first-ever boogie board can be a bit overwhelming. Although there are many critical factors to consider when getting a board, it is pretty simple once you learn what to look for. Here are some guides you can use when buying your boogie board:


The board size is the most important factor when buying a boogie board. Accurately measure your body weight and height to be able to choose the optimum size of a boogie board for you. Then, strive to get the perfect board size to fit your physique and skill level.

Refer to boogie board size charts and board manual to know if the board fits your needs.


Cores or foams play a crucial part in determining how the performance of the board. A polypropylene (P.P.) foam is best for warm water, while a polyethylene (P.E.) board is used in cooler waters.

Pre-determine the water temperature of the beach where you plan to boogie board. Also, observe the waves as polyethylene perform better than polypropylene in bigger waves.


There are two types of tails to choose from for bodyboarding. Crescent tails are more responsive and have good maneuverability. It is also more comfortable to use as it adapts to your body shape. The other type is called bat tail, which tail part resembles a ‘bat’, this tail is best when performing 360s, backflips, and other bodyboard tricks.

Who Makes Boogie Boards?

Plenty of companies are racing to create the best-performing boogie board. Veteran companies like Morey, Nick Mesritz (NMD), Catch Surf, B.Z., Custom X, Hardy Shapes, Thruso Surf, Manta, and Science are some of the most trusted companies in producing bodyboards.

However, newer companies like Empire, VS Bodyboards, No.6 have fresh ideas for reinventing the perfect boogie board.

Most of these boogie board manufacturing companies are located in countries with the highest boogie board users. Some of these countries are America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

A healthy competition between these companies results in better bodyboards that benefit you, the rider.

What Are the Best Boogie Board Brands?

Almost anyone who bodyboards has heard of Morey because it is a well-known brand that most boogie boarders trust. Morey Mach is one of the boards produced by the company that is almost present in all board rankings. Morey has been dominating the boogie board market for several years due to their superior design and competitive pricing.

Although Morey is the most famous, other brands like NMD, B.Z., Custom X, and Empire are in close competition with Morey. These boogie board companies also offer excellent boards for adults as well as kids.

Various boards have different advantages to help you choose one that fits your boarding style, skill level, and physique.

What Is the Best Boogie Board for Beginners?

BPS, Custom X, or Morey have the best bodyboard for anyone starting to learn boogie boarding. Safety is one of the factors to note when choosing a board for beginners. That is why the durability and reliability of the brand come first before the price.

Although these are known brands globally, they offer a reasonable price for their beginner boards.

Since boogie boarding is a bit easy to learn, it is good to invest early in quality boards as you can use them continually as your skill progresses. Like any other personal item, make sure your boogie board fits your size and your riding style.

It is always good to check the wave, temperature, and water depth in your area before buying your first boogie board. A little research on your beach area will be a huge advantage when choosing to buy a board.

What Is the Best Boogie Board to Buy?

The best boogie board for you greatly depends on your boogie boarding skill level. If you are an experienced rider, users recommend getting the famous Morey Mach 7. This board is suited for advanced riders who love to perform tricks on the water. It can catch waves effortlessly and is 100% hydrophobic, meaning it won’t absorb water even if you chip your board.

Morey Mach 7 also features a crescent tail that enables more control and maneuverability. It is also made of lightweight polypropylene cores and polyethylene skin to make it more durable but still lightweight. The board is an all-around type board for any wave condition and is extraordinarily affordable for its performance rating.

How Do I Get a Boogie Board?

Today, it is very easy to buy a boogie board in this highly digitalized time. Websites like Amazon, eBay, Newegg, and Alibaba are some of the trusted online retail stores where you can buy a boogie board with just one click. Just be careful since mixed qualities are sold in almost all online retail stores.

Additionally, most of the popular boogie board brands also have their own website where you can directly buy bodyboards from them.

If you are a little unsure of what to get, you can drive down to your nearest sporting goods store. If you live in the US, Walmart and Dick’s have a wide variety of boogie boards.

Going to a physical store can be helpful, especially for beginners, so you can be guided if it fits your size, see the actual product, and get a feel of the board.

Where Do They Sell Boogie Boards?

Boogie boards are most commonly sold in physical stores that you can go to or online shops. One of the best places to purchase a boogie board is through retail stores on the internet such as Amazon, eBay, Costco, Newegg, Alibaba, and many more.

Thanks to technology, online shopping has proved to be both truly convenient and helpful nowadays, especially if you are very busy.

Apart from buying boogie boards online, you can also pay a visit to local board shops or sporting goods stores near you when you have some free time. This will help you a great deal in choosing what board you like since you will be able to get a feel of the board and see what it actually looks like in person.

In addition to that, salespeople in the shop will be more than happy to assist you in selecting your boogie board, so don’t hesitate to ask them questions!

Does Walmart Carry Boogie Boards?

Walmart carries boogie boards you can definitely buy for yourself to try out the delightful sport of boogie boarding. The prices of boogie boards in Walmart vary depending on the design, construction, durability, and the materials used to make them.

There are plenty of options to choose from, so make sure that you do your research before buying one to enjoy using your board and get your money’s worth!

If you plan to shop online, all you need to do is go onto Walmart’s website, browse through their options of boogie boards and buy what strikes your fancy. After that, all you need to do is sit back, relax and wait for your boogie board to arrive.

If you have a friend or know someone who boogie boards, it will be helpful to reach out and ask them for advice about which boogie board you should get.

Does Walmart Sell Boogie Boards In-Store?

Walmart sells boogie boards in their physical stores, which means that you can go to the nearest Walmart in your place if you would like to get one. Doing this would be a better option than shopping online because you would actually be able to see the board personally which makes it a lot easier.

Remember that you can always call Walmart if you are not sure if their physical store close to where you live has boogie boards in stock.

If you call your local Walmart, it is best to know that it might take quite some time before you can talk to a sales representative, so be a little bit patient. On the bright side, if it’s your lucky day, you might even be able to talk to someone who is in the right department which will definitely save you plenty of time getting transferred from one department to another.

It is better to be sure than to rush down to your local Walmart only to find out that their boogie boards are currently out of stock, so don’t hesitate to call!

Do They Have Boogie Boards at Target?

A wide selection of boogie boards is also available at Target, which makes them easily accessible for you to purchase if you are in the United States.

If you prefer to shop online, once you have picked out the boogie board you want, all you have to do is settle the payment and wait in the comfort of your home.

If you want to get your hands on a boogie board as quickly as possible, Target offers a same-day delivery service.

Target does not ship outside of the US. If you want to buy a boogie board from target that really caught your attention, you will need to use a Shop For Me service. If you know someone who lives in the US, be it a relative or a friend, asking them to purchase and ship it for you is a much better option.

It is best and only more sensible to just buy a boogie board in your country than paying extra for shipping and facing much longer delivery times.

Does Costco Carry Boogie Boards?

Costco has a wide variety of boogie boards that you can choose from at very affordable prices. If you are interested in getting into the world of boogie boarding, Costco is a great store to shop for they have a variety of boogie boards to pick from. They have simple designs for a simple-looking boogie board and loud, colorful ones if you prefer a lively-looking boogie board.

A famous, trusted, and reliable brand that sells water sports equipment called Morey is available at Costco. It has been around for quite a long time now, and their boogie boards have proven to stand the test of time while offering you excellent performance.

A boogie board from Morey will not fail you if you are in search of a durable boogie board that will feed your adventure-seeking soul, but be quick because they sell out incredibly fast, especially during boogie boarding season.

How Much Are Boogie Boards at Costco?

You can purchase a boogie board at Costco for as low as $25 to $270 and professional-grade boogie boards for $500 or more. With that said, you must keep in mind that prices differ a little depending on the type of board you want to buy and where you live.

Stores near the beach usually sell boogie boards at a higher price, so it is recommended to buy one before heading to the beach to save a little money. Some of the factors that affect the cost of boogie boards are their size, design, style, materials, and features.

If you only want to give boogie boarding a try because you are not sure if you will like it or not, purchasing a cheaper board at first would only be practical rather than splurging on more expensive ones right off the bat. You can always upgrade to a boogie board of better quality once you have decided to take boogie boarding a bit more seriously after trying it out.

Does Five Below Have Boogie Boards?

Boogie boards are available for purchase at Five Below, and they are sold at an extremely low price, making it a great shop to acquire boogie boards. Just as their name suggests, the boogie boards at Five Below are incredibly cheap because you can easily buy one for $5 or even cheaper!

They have a lot of fun designs that you can choose from, which attracts a large number of kids to shop from their store, but of course, you are always welcome to buy from Five Below even if you are older!

Shopping from Five Below comes with a few advantages because they have a lot of summer essentials like pool floats, beach towels, beach bags, summer clothes, water guns, flip-flops, and many more. So, if you decide to shop at Five Below, you can comfortably buy all the things you need for your beach trip all at once.

A few of the many reasons why many people enjoy buying from Five Below is because not only is it incredibly cheap, but it is also extremely convenient.

Does Publix Sell Boogie Boards?

Publix sells boogie boards, and you can go to the store near where you live if you would like to buy one. From plain and simple designs to colorful and lively ones, Publix has a great selection of boogie boards that you can choose from.

Publix’s boogie boards are not that expensive and it still gives you the opportunity to try boogie boarding without spending a lot of money.

Even if the boogie boards in Publix are not of the highest quality, it still does the job since it allows you to perform very well while you are riding waves. Publix is a great store to shop for boogie boards, especially if you are a beginner and would only like to get a feel of the fantastic sport of boogie boarding without investing too much straight away.

If you are considering buying a boogie board from Publix, you can always visit the nearest store in your area or call to make sure that they have it in stock.

Can You Rent Boogie Boarding?

Boogie boarding can be rented at an affordable cost, which makes it a very pleasurable and relaxing activity to do with your family and/or friends.

You can rent boogie boards for a half-day, a full day, or even the rest of your entire stay if you are on vacation at a resort but these arrangements differ depending on where you’re staying. Some resorts also offer boogie boarding lessons that you can take up if you are down for some fun time out in the water.

Aside from boogie boards, other equipment can also be rented on some beaches, from wetsuits and flippers to chairs and umbrellas if you want to sit. If your goal is only to get your feet wet, both literally and figuratively, renting a boogie board is a smart move since you won’t be spending too much money but still have the chance to test out boogie boarding.

It would be a wise idea to invest in a good quality boogie board once you make up your mind that you desire to take boogie boarding seriously since you won’t have to rent one each time you want to ride the waves.

How Heavy Is a Boogie Board?

A 40-inch (102 cm) boogie board can weigh around 1.8 lbs (0.82 kg) but bear in mind that this weight changes depending on the materials used in its construction. If you want to know the weight of your boogie board, the specifications are usually indicated in the board’s description.

Boogie boards weigh heavier if it is longer and wider, but there are multiple kinds of boogie boards, and every single one comes in different shapes and sizes, which affects its heaviness. Boogie boards are usually not that heavy, so you do not need to worry about having a hard time transporting or carrying them around with you.

However, when buying boogie boards, you must pick the right size and, most importantly, one that is also able to support your weight. A boogie board that weighs lighter can support lightweight riders, and a boogie board that weighs heavier can carry larger riders.

How Wide Is a Boogie Board?

Boogie boards can range from 18.8 inches (0.48 m) to 20 inches (0.50 m), but some boogie boards can be wider and narrower than these measurements.

Like its heaviness, the width of boogie boards also differs to accommodate all types of people who want to try out the fun sport of boogie boarding. It may not be that noticeable, but the width of boogie boards is a vital feature that plays a significant role in the performance of your board.

The width of a boogie board has a huge effect on your whole boogie boarding experience, so you must know what width to get to make the most out of your time. The wider your board is, the higher its buoyancy making it slightly more difficult to make turns.

The newer models of boogie boards nowadays are much narrower, which lets you perform harder and sharper turns a lot easier and faster.

How Tall Should Your Boogie Board Be?

Usually, your boogie board should reach your belly button when you stand your board straight on the ground. Another way to make sure that you have the correct length boogie board is to hold it in front of you and guarantee that it is as tall as the measurement from your chin down to your knees. These are the two most straightforward ways to know how tall your boogie board should be.

Make a mental note that a boogie board that is too tall or too short has a significant impact on the overall performance of your board out in the water.

It is difficult to control your boogie board if it is too long for you, and paddling will be significantly troublesome to carry out. On the other hand, a boogie board that is too short for you will create a lot of drag in the water that will make it tough for you to catch a wave and stay on it.

What Size Boogie Board Should I Get?

Your height and weight are the two main factors that you need to take into consideration when deciding what size of boogie board to get. To get the best possible performance from your boogie board, it is imperative to get one that is of the right size.

The sizing chart presented below will help you substantially in choosing the appropriate size of the boogie board that fits you best.

Boogie Board Size Chart

Board Length (inches/cm) Rider Weight (lbs/kg) Rider Height (ft.’ & in.”/m)
32” to 34”

(82 to 87 cm)

40 lbs to 64 lbs

(18 to 29 kg)

Under 4’ (1.2 m)
36″ to 38”

(92 to 97 cm)

65 lbs to 85 lbs

(30 to 38 kg)

4’ to 5’

(1.2 to 1.5 m)

39” (99 cm) 86 lbs to 115 lbs

(39 to 52 kg)

4’6” to 5’2”

(1.37 to 1.57 m)

40” (101 cm) 110 lbs to 130 lbs

(50 to 59 kg)

5’3” to 5’6”

(1.6 to 1.68 m)

41” to 41.75”

(104 to 106 cm)

125 lbs to 170 lbs

(57 to 77 kg)

5’7” to 5’9”

(1.7 to 1.75 m)

42” (107 cm) 145 lbs to 180 lbs

(66 to 82 kg)

5’9 to 6’0”

(1.75 to 1.83 m)

42.5” (108 cm) 160 lbs to 190 lbs

(73 to 86 kg)

5’10 to 6’2”

(1.78 to 1.88 m)

43” (109 cm) 170 lbs to 210 lbs

(77 to 95 kg)

6’1” to 6’3”

(1.85 to 1.91 m)

44” (112 cm) 180 lbs to 270 lbs

(82 to 123 kg)

6’2” to 6’4”

(1.88 to 1.93 m)

45” (114 cm) 195 lbs to 255 lbs

(89 to 116 kg)

6’3″ to 6’6″

(1.91 to 1.98 m)

46” (117 cm) 220 lbs+ (100 kg+) 6’4”+ (1.93 m+)

This is only a general guide that riders base on. Some riders like to experiment and play around with the size of the boogie board they use when they want to try out different riding styles.

Though there are specific things that you can and can’t do when boogie boarding, you have the freedom to try out different riding styles and tricks. This certainly increases the fun factor of this very fun and wonderful sport!

How Do I Choose the Right Size Boogie Board?

There is a general sizing chart that you can follow to make your hunt for the right-sized boogie board that meets your needs and wants less complicated. It may get quite overwhelming when choosing the right size boogie board for yourself, given that there are a lot of options to choose from.

Your height and weight are the two most important factors to consider to be able to pick out the right size boogie board for yourself.

Personal preference is also important because you might want to do different maneuvers and tricks when boogie boarding, which makes it totally fine to get a boogie board of a different size that is not appropriate for your height and weight.

On top of that, you also need to account for the type of riding you want to do and the kind of waves you want to catch when boogie boarding. Here are a few more helpful suggestions to assist you in making up your mind about what size of boogie board you should get:

  • Small Waves: Get a longer board if you plan on riding mushy, small, and slow waves, as this will provide you with a lot more balance and buoyancy in the water.
  • Large Waves: Buy a shorter board if you prefer riding fast, huge, and strong waves because it will allow you to move a lot more easily and quickly.
  • Riding Style: Drop-knee or stand-up boogie boarding are the two most popular riding styles that people like to try out. Get a slightly larger board if you are into this kind of riding style. If you are up for a challenge, you can try different ways of riding your boogie board.

How Do You Size a Boogie Board?

To size a boogie board, all you need to do is get a tape measure or anything that can be used to take measurements and begin measuring. The sizes that you need to get are the board’s length and width. Usually, these are the main measurements that you need to take when you want to know the dimensions of your board.

You can also measure your boogie board’s thickness, tail width, nose width, and wide-point distance from the nose. It is important to know what size boogie board you want to make sure that your riding needs and wants will be satisfied. This ensures that you will have an extremely entertaining time playing around with your boogie board.

What Else Do I Need for Boogie Boarding?

The essentials you need for boogie boarding are typically a board, wetsuit, leash, fin tethers, and fins or flippers. If you do not own a wetsuit, a rash guard will do just fine, though it might not keep you warm like wetsuits do if you plan on swimming in cold temperatures. Additionally, wetsuits also make you more buoyant, allowing you to float without having too much of a hard time.

Apart from those mentioned above, you can also wear boogie boarding sunglasses to protect your eyes, although not a lot of people like to wear one. Sunglasses tend to fog and get a little uncomfortable when worn for long hours, and most riders would agree that it creates more problems than solutions, so this decision is completely up to you.

You might also want to get your hands on a good-quality bottle of sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun and reduce the risk of getting sunburn.

Do You Need Fins for Boogie Boarding?

Fins are not necessarily needed for boogie boarding, but it is undoubtedly advantageous and beneficial for you if you decide to use them. The fun sport of boogie boarding usually involves catching waves, and fins make it easier for you to propel yourself through waves.

If you desire to progress in the sport of boogie boarding and make it more than just a hobby, fins will have a major contribution to enhancing your skills as long as you know how to make use of it.

It can be a little hard to get the hang of using fins, especially when you are starting out with boogie boarding but continue to use them, and you will eventually feel comfortable with it. You will be surprised by how extremely fun boogie boarding can be once you learn how to catch waves.

If you need a little convincing because you are hesitating to invest in boogie boarding fins, here are some of the few advantages of using boogie boarding fins to give you that extra needed push:

  • Cover long distances at much shorter intervals
  • Maneuver, stabilize, and propel your body with little difficulty
  • Gain speed with little effort to catch waves a lot easier
  • Accelerate and generate more power to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Cut through the water without creating too much drag
  • Help you get out of difficult situations such as strong water currents
  • Enhance your steering and control
  • Make duck diving smoother and effortless

How Do You Wear Flippers on a Boogie Board?

Most of the time, flippers have an indication of whether you should wear them on your left or right foot, but there are also some straight-cut flippers that can be worn on either foot. It is not hard to wear your flippers, but it is still very important that you put them on correctly. Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to put your flippers on.

Wearing Your Flippers

  1. The first thing you need to do is find out which foot each flipper is going to go on.
  2. Determine where the top and bottom parts of the flippers are. It is crucial to make sure that the drain holes must be on the bottom, so make an effort to get this right.
  3. After completing the first two steps, put your fin inserts or wetsuit socks on if you would like to wear them.
  4. Once you have your socks or fin inserts on, dip your flippers in the water as this will make wearing your flippers significantly easier.
  5. Slide your feet one by one into the flippers all the way up to the end.
  6. Make sure to successfully pull the heel strap around the back of your left and right foot’s ankles.
  7. Have a feel if your flippers are too loose or too tight. Get a new pair of flippers if it does not feel comfortable on your feet because this will heavily affect your boogie boarding performance.
  8. Fix your fin savers, also known as fin tethers, because this can both save your life and money at the same time. Fin savers help you avoid losing your fins when you are paddling or catching waves because it connects your ankles to your flippers.

Once you have your flippers on comfortably on your feet, you’re all set to go boogie boarding. Flippers come in various shapes and sizes, so if the one you bought does not feel comfortable on your feet because they are too big or too small, don’t think twice about getting a new one. It is better to spend a little money than to have your feet hurt during and after boogie boarding!

Can You Boogie Board Without Fins?

Technically, it is possible to boogie board without fins, and there is certainly no problem at all if you do not want to use it. Most of the fun you get in boogie boarding comes from paddling and catching waves which means that both your hands and feet are interacting with the water continuously.

If you are in it for the long ride, investing in good quality fins will surely be worth it since you will be using them every time you boogie board.

Fins aid you in having more control over your boogie board, thereby making it easier for you to do what you want to do in the water. In addition, boogie boarding fins are of tremendous help in getting out of rip currents if you ever get caught in one.

Whether you decide to use fins or not is completely up to you but know that they come with a lot of benefits in improving your boogie boarding skills.

What Are the Best Fins for Boogie Boarding?

There are many factors to consider when choosing boogie boarding fins, but the best fins are ones that feel comfortable and do not hurt your feet. Size, shape, stiffness, material, thrust, buoyancy, durability, and cost are the variables you must account for before buying fins.

Once you have figured out what kind of boogie boarding fins you want for yourself, it won’t be that hard to decide which one to get among your list of options. In addition, the best fins for boogie boarding are also ones that fit your riding style and the activities you want to do out in the water.

If you started boogie boarding without the use of fins, it would be easy to notice the difference in your performance when you start to wear one. With that said, listed down below are some of the best fins for boogie boarding that you might want to check out:

  • Churchill Makapuu
  • Viper Vector V5
  • Hydro Tech 2
  • Pride Vulcan 2
  • Kpaloa Waterman
  • Air Hubb
  • DaFiN Pro
  • Stealth S1
  • Ally ERS4
  • DMC Repellor

What Do You Wear for Boogie Boarding?

If you already have a board, the essentials you need to wear for boogie boarding include flippers and a wetsuit or rash guard as an alternative.

If you are wondering whether you need to wear another layer of clothing underneath your wetsuit, know that it is fine to wear a swimsuit or nothing at all.

It all comes down to your personal preference since wetsuits have the tendency to chafe, so wear an extra layer of clothing if you do not feel comfortable wearing nothing underneath. Wetsuits keep your body warm and cozy but make sure to get the right size, so it does not restrict your movement.

Flippers help you speed up and propel yourself through the water; therefore, it would be highly beneficial for you to wear one during your ride.

You can also wear sunscreen for protection against the sun’s radiation, especially if you plan to spend lots of hours boogie boarding.

Do You Need a Wetsuit to Boogie Board?

You don’t necessarily need a wetsuit to go boogie boarding, but there are certainly quite a few advantages if you decide to wear one.

The purpose of wetsuits is to keep you warm when swimming in cold water to enable you to boogie board for much longer periods of time without freezing. This is the primary reason why a lot of riders use wetsuits whenever they go boogie boarding.

If the circumstances require you to wear a wetsuit, definitely do so. If the water is too cold for you to handle, it is best to wear a wetsuit to keep yourself warm.

It is totally fine to just wear swimsuits or board shorts as long as you are comfortable with them but you can also wear a wetsuit if it is too hot for you.

Best Wetsuit for Boogie Boarding

The best wetsuit you can wear for boogie boarding is made of neoprene, which is a light, elastic, hydrophobic, long-lasting, and insulating kind of material. A wetsuit can retain and insulate heat to keep you warm and comfortable when swimming in cold water to avoid the risk of hypothermia.

Overall, a good quality wetsuit must meet your needs and wants while providing you with maximum comfort and warmth.

When it comes to selecting a wetsuit for boogie boarding, how you plan to use it and the water temperature are the two main variables, you must consider.

Colder water temperatures require thicker wetsuits made of neoprene that offer you thermal protection without limiting your movement when boogie boarding. Here is a chart that shows you the needed thickness of your wetsuit when boogie boarding at certain temperatures.

°C °F THICKNESS (“/” is a specification, not a fraction)
> 22 °C > 72 °F 1 mm
19 °C – 22 °C 66 °F – 72 °F 2/2 mm
15 °C – 19 °C 59 °F – 66 °F 3/2 mm
12 °C – 15 °C 54 °F – 59 °F 4/3 mm
9 °C – 12 °C 48 °F – 54 °F 5/4 mm