Skimboarding (also referred to as skimming) is a watersport in which you use a small board to glide across the surface of the water to meet an oncoming wave and to ride it back to the shore. The sport is described to be a combination of several board sports, including snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding. But the good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in any of those sport to be a great skimboarder.

Skimboarding was first enjoyed by the lifeguards in Laguna Beach in Southern California who wanted to surf shore breaks that were either too fast or too shallow for a regular surfboard. The sport has greatly evolved from its humble beginnings and is now being enjoyed by enthusiasts of all ages.

The practice has even evolved to include several aerial maneuvers and other tricks. Some of the most popular skimboarding tricks include wraps, big spins, 180s, flat spins, the kick out, and 360 shove-its. These tricks add to the difficulty of the ride and should only be performed by advanced skimboarders.

You don’t need much to start skimboarding. The short list of basic equipment that you would need for the sport includes a surfboard, fins, leash, wax, and wetsuit. As you progress in the sport, you can choose to upgrade your skimboarding equipment.

Aside from your skills and your equipment, it is also important that you pick a location with the right weather and wave conditions to be able to fully enjoy skimboarding. Here are some of the best skimboarding spots in the world:

  • Sununga in Brazil
  • Gava in Barcelona
  • Faro de Trafalgar in Cadiz
  • Espinho, Santa Cruz, and Sesimbra in Portugal
  • Cabo San Lucas and Punta Zicatela in Mexico
  • Laguna del Tule in Melaque
  • Whitaker, Thormanby Island, and Bunsen Lake in Canada
  • Cabo Ledo in Angola
  • Gdansk in Poland
  • Oostvoornse Meer in the Netherlands
  • Torcarne Beach and Mother Ivey’s in Cornwall
  • Laguna Beach, Baker Beach, Ocean Beach, and Santa Cruz in California
  • Vilano Beach, Cocoa Beach Pier, and Ft. Lauderdale in Florida
  • Cebu, Bicol, and Leyte in the Philippines

Skimboarding is a sport that not only challenges your athleticism but it is also great for your health. It helps improve your focus, balance, strength, flexibility, and overall cardiovascular health.

Skimboarding is a relatively safe sport. However, if pursued recklessly, it can cause several injuries. Beginners should be able to finish their skimboard lessons before they even try performing tricks and skimming in deeper water.