Kiteboarding & Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing or also known as kiteboarding in some locations is an extreme sport that is uniquely a combination of wind and water sport. This sport is a result of the evolution of the popular sport surfing.

But unlike surfing which relies on the oceans’ waves, kiteboarding harnesses the power of the wind using a large kite to gain speed. If you are near an area that has a constant blow of wind, you are in luck since it can be an ideal place for kitesurfing.

Learning to kitesurf is quite easy, an average of 6 to 12 hours of basic training and you will be ready to ride on your board and steer with the kite. Even though it is can be learned quickly, mastering kiteboarding takes more time. The skill progression for kiteboarding is very steep once you passed the beginner level but executing aerial maneuvers and jump tricks brings unexplainable satisfaction to an advanced rider.

Before starting kiteboarding, a light exercise is highly recommended. Even though you do not need to be very physically fit to kitesurf, a certain level of fitness is required. Setting up your kiteboarding gear is tedious and takes a while to do for beginners. Mindfully preparing and organizing your gears before going to the beach will save you a lot of that precious kitesurfing time.

Here is a list of basic kitesurfing equipment must-haves: a kite, board, seat harness, air pump, control bar, spreader bar, kite lines, safety release system, straps, wetsuit, rash guard, water shoe, and lastly, a life jacket.

Boards and kites are the two main pieces of equipment that are crucial for kiteboarding. A wide range of manufacturers produces different types and sizes of kites, boards, and kitesurfing gears. Beginners may not notice the difference in the performance of different brands but for experienced surfers, a tiny variation in design greatly affects the kitesurfing experience. It is advisable to rent out diverse gears to have firsthand experience of the different brands before buying your own kiteboarding set.

An hour of kiteboarding lesson usually cost around $70 to $90 depending on your location. These lessons normally include complete kitesurfing equipment for the student. If you are a beachgoer and loves action sport, kitesurfing is perfect for you. So, grab your gears, pump your kite, launch and ride on!