Sandboarding & Sand Sledding

Sandboarding and sand sledding are two very exciting extreme board sports that are done by riding down or across a sand dune. The two sports are similar in the sense that you go down on the sand, but their main difference lies in the equipment used in performing the wonderful and exciting activity.

Sandboarding uses a sandboard that has foot straps that you can attach to your feet while sand sledding uses a sand sled that has handles which you can hold on to while sitting down.

If you do not own a sandboard, there are alternatives that you can use such as snowboards, bodyboards, skateboard decks, or even a piece of wood. For sand sledding, you can substitute cardboards, saucers, or soft plastic items if you do not have a sand sled. Although these things can work, it is not recommended to use them due to several reasons.

You will not be able to achieve maximum performance as you ride down the sand and the risk of injury is much higher. Sandboards and sand sleds were particularly made for going down on the sand with the use of materials that enables you to slide smoothly and control your board easily as you carry out various flips and tricks.

Sandsurfing is known to be one of the oldest sports in the world, but its popularity continues to increase since it is easily accessible and there are a lot of places you can visit. If you are interested in learning sandboarding and/or sand sledding, you can begin by taking classes from a certified trainer that will educate you about the basics. This is highly recommended as it will be of tremendous help because you will gain a deep understanding of the sport before you proceed to do the real thing.

Similar to all sports, sandboarding, and sand sledding both come with quite a few risks. If done without ample experience, knowledge, and skill, the likelihood of getting harmed is higher than usual. Thankfully, the possibility of injury or accidents can be avoided if you go at it with extreme caution so get out there and make the most out of your trip!