Spearfishing is the method of catching fish and other sea creatures with the aid of a fishing device such as spears, spearguns, pole spears, and Hawaiian slings. This practice has been around since time immemorial, and our ancestors started spearfishing using sharpened sticks to spear fish from rivers and streams.

Spearfishing is a difficult activity because it requires mastery of both fishing and freediving. It requires discipline, stamina, patience, and focus. You also have to be completely comfortable in the water for you to be able to spearfish. Spearfishing is not a sport that you can just start on a whim. You have to enroll in a spearfishing course and continue to practice the sport to be able to get better. You also need to get a fishing license if your locality requires you to.

The basic spearfishing gear that you would need to get started on includes your fishing device of choice (spears, spearguns, pole spears, and Hawaiian slings, among others), a wetsuit that is appropriate for the water temperature, mask, snorkel, gloves, booties, fins, weight belt, knife, dive computer, and float lines.

Out of the fishing devices that you can use when spearfishing, spearguns are the most widely used. The two types of spearguns are pneumatic (powered by air pressure) and elastic (band-powered). Spearguns can be dangerous if handled recklessly. In some countries, spearguns are classified as weapons, and you need to require a speargun license to be able to use them.

There are other restrictions with regards to the practice of spearfishing, and they vary from place to place. For one, it is considered illegal in some countries to spearfish in freshwater lakes and rivers and marine protected areas. Aside from that, the type of fish that you are allowed to spearfish also varies from place to place. For instance, carp are allowed to be harvested by the method of spearfishing in many countries, and generally, sharks are not allowed to be harvested.

Spearfishing is a great water sport or activity that has a positive impact on your holistic health. Aside from that, from a fishing standpoint, spearfishing is considered to be the most ecological, sustainable, and responsible fishing method. Spearfishing is well-regulated worldwide, helps in maintaining the healthy stock of different fish in our waters, and creates no harm to the surrounding underwater environment.