Canyoning, also referred to as canyoneering, is an enjoyable leisure activity wherein you make your way through canyons or gorges. Canyoning is done by combining different techniques such as hiking, swimming, rock climbing, sliding, cliff jumping, abseiling, and many more.

The canyons you traverse are formed naturally over millions of years due to weathering, erosion, tectonic activity, and other various factors.

Canyoning is considered an extreme adventure sport because it involves other extreme sports like mountaineering, rappelling, diving, hiking, swimming, rock climbing, and many more. It is pretty challenging to learn canyoning techniques, and it also poses several risks. However, you can always set the degree of difficulty if you would like to skip the strenuous activities and just enjoy exploring canyons.

There are multiple ways to get into the enjoyable and thrilling sport of canyoning. If you are entirely new to the sport and do not have previous experience with canyoning, it is highly suggested to go on a guided tour led by professionals that will keep you away from harm. Aside from that, several programs offer training for canyoning, which can greatly help you understand the sport before you go on your first trip.

As mentioned earlier, canyoning is an extreme sport, so it is of high importance to be fully equipped when going on a canyoning adventure to prevent yourself from being harmed. In most instances, guided tours will provide the necessary equipment you need, but you should confirm this first with your tour guide. If you are not going on a guided tour, the essential equipment you need are the following: helmet, harness, gloves, carabiners, descenders, static ropes, and safety line. Remember that you might bring a couple more equipment than this since the equipment you need varies depending on how complex the trip is.

There are countless canyons across the globe that you can explore, and each of them has something unique to offer. If you are someone who finds great joy in challenging adventures, canyoning will not fail you. It does not matter whether you want to get that adrenaline rush or simply want to discover deep areas that most people usually do not get to see; canyoning is for everybody to enjoy.