Sand Skiing

Sand skiing is another form of skiing where you ride down on sandy slopes such as beaches or desert dunes. As with traditional skiing, you need to use a pair of skis and ski poles in sand skiing. While the fundamentals of snow skiing and sand skiing are the same, sand skiing is a sport that you can do all year round in many parts of the world.

You don’t need much to enjoy sand skiing. The basic gear to own includes a pair of skis, ski poles, and eye protection. There are also no strict rules on what to wear, but you have to make sure that your skin is always protected from the harmful rays of the sun because you would be out in the open all day long.

One important thing to remember is to keep a sand wax with you at all times. You should always correctly and generously apply it on the bottom of your skis before you set out on your adventure. The sand wax will help reduce the friction between the skis and the sand.

Sand skiing can be done in several locations, such as beach sand dunes and desert sand dunes. Sometimes, hardcore sand skiers also attempt to ski down on active volcanoes. If you want to try sand skiing for yourself, here are some of the most popular sand skiing meccas in the world:

  • Al Hebab in Dubai
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado
  • Cerro Blanco in Peru
  • Huacachina in Peru
  • The Sahara Desert in Algeria
  • The Namib Desert in Namibia
  • Monte Kaolino in Germany
  • The Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa
  • Point Mugu Sand Dunes in California
  • Negev Desert in Israel
  • Viña del Mar in Chile
  • Cerro Negro in Nicaragua
  • Sand Master Park in Oregon

While sand skiing is considered to be a relatively safe sport, it poses the same risks as that of its other counterparts, such as sandboarding and snow skiing. Moreover, the inherent danger significantly goes up when you pursue it recklessly and without the supervision of a certified instructor to oversee your progress.