Can You Sled at White Sands (and What About the Great Sand Dunes)?

If you’re thinking of going sand sledding but you don’t know where to go, both the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico and the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado are amazing spots located in the United States of America.
Can You Sled at White Sands

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There is an overwhelming number of amazing sand sledding spots in the world that picking and settling with one can be very difficult. But on the brighter side, that means you can go wherever and there is still a sure spot to go sledding in. If you are from the US, read on to know two of the top sand sledding spots in the country.

Where Can I Sled at White Sands?

The White Sands National Monument in New Mexico offers a lot to the adventure junkie. It is a great location for camping, scenic driving, hiking, and, of course, sledding. White Sands boasts beautiful, white sand that will not only entice children but also adults.

If you haven’t been to the White Sands, here are some spots that you should definitely sled in and tips that you should keep in mind.

  • Dunes Drive has the steepest sand dunes.
  • One of the best spots is in the center of the national park because it has the largest sand dunes.
  • Go to the Heart of the Sands area which is less crowded.
  • Try to drive as far into the park as possible because the dunes here are larger and there are fewer plants.

Can You Rent Sleds at White Sands?

If you didn’t bring your own sleds, then worry not. You can just pop into the White Sands Visitor Center gift shop to get your chosen equipment. A little warning, though, that they may be a bit more expensive than sleds that you can rent or buy in other retailers.

You also need to return the sleds before the gift shop closes. Otherwise, they won’t repurchase the items.

How Much Are Sleds at White Sands?

If you are planning to get a sand sled from the White Sands Visitor Center gift shop, here is a table of their prices to guide you.

Items Prices
New Sled 18 dollars with a 5-dollar refund
Used Sled* 10 dollars with a 3-dollar refund

It is also advisable to get wax to lube your sleds with. This retails for 2 dollars and a 50-cent repurchase fee.

*Note: Used sleds often sell out quicker than new sleds

Where Can I Buy White Sand Sleds?

If you don’t want to pay more money in the gift shop, you can opt to go to the nearby retailers selling sleds before going to White Sand. Some of your store choices in Alamogordo include:

  • Walmart
  • Big Five Sporting Goods
  • K-mart

The sleds in the shops retail for as low as 4.99 dollars. Just remember to get wax whether you decided to buy outside or in the gift shop. Getting your sled perfectly and abundantly waxed will make your sledding experience more enjoyable.

Where Can I Rent Sand Sleds for Great Sand Dunes?

One thing that you should remember before heading off to the Great Sand Dunes National Park is that the place itself does not rent out sand sleds. So the tip is to either bring your own or head on over to these retailers to rent or purchase your sleds.

Name of Retailer Distance from the Great Sand Dunes Visitor Center Retail Schedule Notes
Oasis Store 4 miles away Open from mid-March through October The store does not rent out its gear when the sand is wet.
Spin Drift Sand Board Rentals 25 miles away Open March through October
Sand Dunes Swimming Pool and Recreation 32 miles away Open all year round Closed on Thursdays
Kristi Mountain Sports 40 miles away Open all year round Closed on Wednesdays and does not rent out their gear when the sand is either covered in snow or frozen.
Spanish Peaks Outfitters 64 miles away Open all year round


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