Is Sandboarding Like Snowboarding (and Can You Sandboard With a Snowboard)?

What you do in both sandboarding and snowboarding are nearly the same. The major difference between these two exceedingly enjoyable board sports is the terrain you’re surfing down on which can either be sand or snow depending on which you like better. There is no problem at all if you would like to use a snowboard for sandboarding but using a sandboard will give you more maneuverability because it will slide more smoothly on sand than a snowboard due to the materials specifically used in its construction.
Is Sandboarding Like Snowboarding

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Sandboarding, as it states, uses a sandboard that is designed to be ridden on the sand while snowboarding uses a snowboard that is designed to be ridden on snow. Although you can still use a snowboard for sandboarding, it is strongly recommended to use a sandboard. Using a board that was particularly made for sandboarding will be of tremendous help as it will enable you to surf down on the sand while giving you more control over your board to turn and carve with ease.

Is Sandboarding the Same as Snowboarding?

The two extreme board sports both involve the use of boards strapped to your feet or without any binds to surf down or across on either sand or snow by shifting your body weight to control the board and steer while you find your way to the bottom. Sandboarding is also commonly referred to as “sand surfing” and even though it seems like it’s completely the same as snowboarding, they actually have quite a few differences.

It is given that they have a few similarities, but their differences make them very distinct from one another. You will need a sandboard for sandboarding and a snowboard for snowboarding. A sandboard is very much identical to a snowboard but the main difference between the two is that sandboards are way smaller and lighter and sandboarding also makes use of a decent number of technologies and skills that are also used in snowboarding.

Is Sandboarding Similar to Snowboarding?

As mentioned above, sandboarding and snowboarding have quite a few similarities. The primary similarity of the two extreme sports is they both use boards to go down on sand or snow. The concept of these two extremely fun board sports is just about the same but they are still two very different recreational activities.

Sandboarding and snowboarding both have two completely unique experiences to offer. If you would like to experience the beautiful feeling of riding down on sand or snow with your board you can surely try out both sports. Once you have experienced surfing down on both sand and snow, it will be a lot easier for you to decide which terrain you prefer riding on better.

Is Sandboarding Harder Than Snowboarding?

Some people that have tried both sports claim that sandboarding is not that hard but there are a lot of factors that make it more difficult and a bit of a hassle compared to snowboarding. Landing on sand can be very difficult and you must keep in mind that sand might appear to be smooth but in reality, it can be harder than snow and even as firm as ice on some occasions which is why crashing can be extremely painful especially if it is scorching hot out. Additionally, there are no lifts available for use on dunes to help you go up and down after a ride which means that you need to walk back up to the top once you reach the bottom of the sand dunes as you carry your board with you.

Apart from the fact that it is very hot out there in the dunes, it is a necessity to apply sand wax to your board all the time to surf smoothly down the sand. On top of that, you still won’t be able to reach the speed of snowboarding even if you wax your board constantly and carving is a lot harder since you need to put a great amount of pressure on the back of the board to make it move anywhere. Even though this is the case, sandboarding is still a very entertaining activity and it’s certainly worth a try!

Can You Snowboard on Sand?

It is possible to use a snowboard on sand if you want to. Some people that want to use their snowboard down on sand can do so without any sand wax but buying a sand wax for your board will greatly help to make it glide down on sand much easier. However, it is not advisable to do this since it will not have the capability to achieve speeds that specially manufactured sandboards can easily reach.

Most snowboards are made out of P-Tex or polyethylene and it is very difficult to make them slide smoothly on the sand. On the other hand, there are quite a few materials that make up sandboard bases, but the commonly used ones are Formica or Laminex because it is a lot less difficult to work with the thinner it is. Also, Formica is extremely hard as well which results in minimum friction.

Can You Snowboard Down Sand Dunes?

You can totally snowboard down on sand dunes, but it will be comparatively slow if you do so. Even more so, your board will be full of scratches and your base will be ruined once you finish the activity. If you want to try it out, it is recommended that you purchase a secondhand board and use that to avoid sand from destroying the base of your main sandboard.

Some people that have tried it claim that it was incredibly fun for the experience, but it is not worth it to do it a second time. You must be aware of the risks that come with snowboarding down on dunes such as ruining your board. With that said, if you want to experience the feeling for yourself of what it’s like to snowboard down on sand dunes, you can still definitely give it a try.

Can You Use a Snowboard for Sandboarding?

A snowboard can technically be used for sandboarding, but it is highly discouraged since sand will destroy the base of your board. As mentioned above, using a snowboard for sandboarding will not slide as fast when compared to using a sandboard because snow and sand are two very different surfaces. Sand produces a lot more friction which in return slows down your board significantly.

Thankfully, there is a way to lessen the damage dealt with by your snowboard when you use it for sandboarding. This can be done by applying sand wax to your board meticulously each time you plan on going down on the sand. However, this will not prevent your board from being harmed because the wax will eventually wear out as a result of sanding and ruin the base of your board.

Will Sandboarding Ruin a Snowboard?

As stated earlier, it is unavoidable to ruin your snowboard if you use it for sandboarding even if you add a layer of Formica (or other types of laminate sheets) and sand it. You will be able to slide down on sand smoothly for a while, but the wax will deteriorate after some time. As a result, the base of your snowboard will be vulnerable to scratches that will lead to its destruction.

If you plan on doing a lot of sandboarding, it is highly recommended that you purchase a good and reliable sandboard. It will be certainly worth it to invest in one especially if you will be using it multiple times frequently. Getting a high-quality sandboard will allow you to surf down on dunes with maximum performance at much faster speeds while having the ability to do flips and tricks.