How Do I Choose a Good Longboard (The Ultimate Buying Guide)?

There are a lot of things to consider when you are buying a longboard. Some of these considerations rely on you as the rider (budget, skill level, riding goals, riding style, height, weight) while others depend on the board (shape, size, flex, deck style).
How Do I Choose a Good Longboard

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It’s really hard to pick the perfect longboard. What’s perfect for another may be the worst for you. It gets even harder when you are a beginner since you have no point of comparison. What you need to do is to fully understand your goals as a rider for you to be able to choose the board that is perfect for you.

What Should I Know Before Buying a Longboard?

So you have decided to try longboarding but you don’t know anything about getting a proper board. Here are some things that you should consider before you commit to buying one.

  • Price range: First things first, how much are you actually willing to shell out for a new board. If you are a beginner and aren’t sure yet if you are going to stick with longboarding, maybe buying a very expensive board isn’t the wisest idea.
  • Skill level: As in all things, beginners often require a different set of tools than experts. While expert boarders can buy whatever size they want, beginners have to be more particular as this would affect their progress.
  • Riding goals: What kind of rider do you aim to be and why do you need a longboard for? Are you going to use it for transportation? Do you want to be a serious downhill rider or do you just want to cruise around in a mellow and relaxed way? Do you want to do tricks or do you want to be the fastest person on a longboard? These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before deciding on a longboard. Keep in mind that longboarding has different disciplines and these disciplines require different types of longboards.
  • Longboard shape: Longboards have different shapes and you should be able to choose one that is perfect for your riding goal and style.
  • Longboard flex: Longboards also have different flexibilities (more commonly referred to as flex). This is because the flex caters to different riding styles. You should pick out a board with a flex that would suit your riding style perfectly.
  • Deck style: This is one thing that you should highly consider when buying a new board because deck style decides the stability of your board. The deck style also plays a big role in developing your pushing, pumping, and braking skills.

Which Type of Longboard Should I Get?

There are four different types of longboard depending on the deck styles. There are different types because they differ in riding feel and they support different riding styles.

  • Top Mount: This is the most traditional and cheapest style around. This style is called as such because the deck is mounted on top of the trucks. The location of the decks gives increases the center of gravity and more control of the board.
  • Drop Through: As the name suggests, the style of this deck is that the trucks are mounted through the board.
  • Drop Deck: While the trucks of this board are still top mounted, the board is positioned low giving you a lower center of gravity which makes this board very stable.
  • Double Drop: The double drop is a combination of the drop through and drop deck in which it has the positioning of the drop through trucks and the deck style of a drop deck. Of the four styles, this is the most stable because its goal is to get your feet as low to the ground and lowering your center of gravity and in return giving you superior stability. However, due to all these things, this is usually the most expensive board.

What Longboard Is Best for Cruising?

Pintails are the best type for cruising. This is because their trucks are in a top mount position which increases the deck and making the movement of the board smooth and easy.

Aside from that, the deck is designed in a way that the wheels do not cause contact with the board (also commonly referred to as wheel bite). Its platform also has enough foot space that makes cruising a breeze.

Does the Shape of a Longboard Matter?

The shape of longboards is an important thing to consider when buying a new board. Longboards come in different shapes and looks which makes it hard to choose but if you read on you’ll come to know why.

There are two types of longboard shapes in which all longboard variations fit into.

  • Directional: These boards are only meant to go forward. They were designed to be asymmetrical and they have a designated nose and rear. They often come in different tail shapes such as pointy, round, and square. They are commonly used by cruisers and downhill riders.
  • Twin: These boards were designed to be symmetrical so they don’t have a specific front and back. Because of that, they can be ridden both ways on either end. They are popularly used by freeriders and freestylers.

How Long Is the Average Longboard?

On average, the lengths of longboards range from 33 to 60 inches. Their widths also range from 9 to 10 inches. They are almost twice as long as a conventional skateboard.

Longboards come in many different shapes and sizes because they support different riding goals so before buying one you should be clear on why you are buying one.

Are Longer Longboards Better?

Longer longboards aren’t necessarily better. But if you are a beginner and are still trying to dip your toes in the sport then you would come to realize that longer boards can her you learn faster.

Longer boards have bigger platforms. Bigger platforms equal more foot space that comes in handy when you are still learning how to ride your board.

What Is the Longest Longboard You Can Buy?

There are a lot of longboard manufacturers in the market today so It’s pretty hard to pinpoint what the longest longboard is. But the Koastal Drifter Longboard is as lengthy as it gets with its impressive 60-inch body.

It is a long cruiser board with the charms of a shorter board. It is made of a 12-ply combination of different sturdy woods including mahogany, aspen, and purple heart. It currently retails at 299.99 dollars.

How Long Is Too Long for a Longboard?

The thinking that a board is too long may vary from person to person. Most professional boarders can handle longboards of all shapes, sizes, and lengths. However, this might not be true for beginners.

While it is recommended for taller people to get longer boards since it offers stability, a board may be too long if you are having a hard time maneuvering it even if your trucks are screwed just right.

What Is the Best Length for a Longboard?

There’s really no concrete answer on what length would best suit a longboard since longboarding has different riding styles. These riding styles also need different types of board and they work best on specific lengths.

Before thinking of the length you should first decide on your riding style.

What Length of Longboard Should I Get?

Here is a short guide on which length of longboard to choose depending on your riding style.

  • Cruising and carving: Cruising and carving longboards often range from 28 to 48 inches but the most ideal length range from 32 to 42 inches. Shorter cruising longboards are more nimble and are best for quick turns while longer boards offer stability even at higher speeds.
  • Downhill: Downhill longboards should be at least 36 inches or even longer. If you are a beginner, consider getting something around 40 inches or longer because they offer more stability.
  • Freeride: Choose a board that is within 38 to 42 inches and make sure that you don’t pick anything that is smaller or longer than that. Freeriding is basically cruising at hills with slides and sharp turns so you need a stable board.
  • Freestyle: Like the name suggests you are free to choose the longboard size that you want. Instead of focusing on the length, you should consider something that would give you stability, aesthetics, and style.

How Do You Choose the Right Size Longboard?

Because the perfect longboard varies from person to person, you should pay attention to your physical attributes to choose the right size for you.

Your height is one indicator of the size that is good for you. If you are tall then it’s best to shy away from the shorter boards as these boards will not offer stability for you.

How Do I Know My Longboard Size?

Your height and weight are important factors in getting a board that is perfect for you. It’s unwise to just get a longboard on the basis of its coolness or design because it might not serve its purpose.

A rule of thumb in getting a longboard based on your height is that if you are tall, no matter the age and skill level, it is best to get a longer longboard because they offer more stability. Boards measuring 38 inches or more are great for tall riders

If you have an average height, a board measuring 32 to 42 inches would best suit you. Once you are skilled at riding, no matter your height, it would be easy for you to ride longboards of any size.

What Size Longboard Should I Get for My Height?

If you are still unsure of what size to get for your height, here’s a size chart to guide you. Bear in mind, though, that the sizing is categorized per riding goal because the size of your longboard affects how effectively you can ride.

Riding Style Height Recommended Longboard Size
Cruising Taller than 6.3 feet 38 inches or longer
6.3 feet and lower 32 to 42 inches
Downhill Taller than 6.3 feet 37 inches or longer
6.3 feet and lower 35 to 43 inches
Freeride and Freestyle Taller than 6.3 feet 38-42 inches
6.3 feet and lower

Is a 36 Inch Longboard Good?

Whether you are tall or short, a 36-inch longboard is great especially if you are a beginner. Boards in this size are great for cruising.

These 36-inch boards are even great for downhill riding because it’s long enough to give you stability and control even at great speed.

Is a 40 Inch Longboard Too Long?

40 inches is not too long for a longboard. In fact, it’s just about the right length for boarders of average height.

It’s only a little way longer than the recommended starting length of 38 inches for tall people, which means that other boarders use boards that are even longer than 40 inches.

Is 44 Inches Too Long for a Longboard?

Even a 44-inch longboard is not considered too long. Sure, this length will serve tall people best but once you are comfortable with riding, you can ride this beast even if you are smaller than average.

Some cruiser longboards are even sized at 46 inches which means that once you have the skill, riding a 44-inch longboard will just be like a walk in the park.

How Thick Is a Longboard Deck?

On average, most decks are around a half-inch thick. However, this still depends on the design of the board and the material to be used.

In some cases, manufacturers design boards having layers between two to eleven. Most of the time these layers are usually 2 millimeters thick.

How Thick Should My Longboard Be?

There’s really no standard on how thick your longboard should be. It all depends on your weight and your desired longboard flex.

Several layers of wood are often glued together to form the board. However many layers you glue together will determine your board’s thickness.

Do Longboards Have a Weight Limit?

Longboards do have weight limits. This is because they are often made with different woods and these woods can only accommodate so much weight before they break.

Even if your board is made with sturdy materials, it’s still best if it can accommodate your weight before rolling along.

What Is the Weight Limit on a Longboard?

The maximum weight capacity of longboards depends on the make of the longboard. Some boards can only carry a 200-pound person while others can accommodate 250 and even 300-pound boarders.

For instance, a board made with an 8-ply deck can accommodate a 250-pound person. Meanwhile, a longboard made with a combo of fiberglass and bamboo can easily carry a person weighing 200 pounds.

What Are Longboard Decks Made of?

Longboard decks are typically made from planks of sturdy wood. The planks usually are piled up in anything from two to eleven layers and then they are glued together.

While some decks are only made from a single kind of wood, others are made with combinations of different ones.

What Wood Are Longboards Made of?

Here is a list of the different types of materials or woods that longboards are often made of.

  • Maple
  • Bamboo
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Fiberglass
  • Birch
  • Oak wood

What Is the Best Wood for a Longboard?

Although boarders can never pick one best wood for a longboard, many agree that bamboo is a great option.

This is because bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth which makes it the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly material for longboard-making. Aside from that, bamboo makes for an unbelievably light and strong deck that is great for commuting, dancing, and cruising.

Can You Make a Longboard Out of Plywood?

You can definitely make a longboard out of plywood. Just make sure that when you cut the strips, you cut them in the direction of the grain. Otherwise, the longboard that you will produce will be structurally weak and there is an even greater chance for it to snap into two once you ride it.

Plywood comes in many different thicknesses and grades. You have to pick one that would best suit and best serve your riding goal.

What Kind of Plywood Do You Use for a Longboard?

People use different kinds of plywood especially when they DIY their longboard. Some of the most common kinds are Canadian Maple and Baltic Birch.

Longboards are typically made with around 9 plies of wood, compared to the 7 plies used to make a regular skateboard. This is because longboards need stiffer decks due to their length.

Are Bamboo Longboards Good?

Bamboo longboards are great in a lot of ways. They are not only lightweight and strong, but they are also very flexible and compact. Their flexy board made with only 5 plies of bamboo can even carry a 200-pound boarder.

However, be prepared to pay a little more for bamboo longboards compared to those made with more traditional materials.

How Long Do Bamboo Longboards Last?

Bamboo longboards have no specific life span. As with everything, its life span depends on the way you use it because everything is subject to wear and tear.

While bamboo longboards can be perfectly strong when newly bought, it will start to show changes after a few years of use.

Is Bamboo or Maple Better for Longboards?

Both bamboo and maple are great options for longboard-making, Here is a table listing down their pros and cons.

Material Pro Con
  • The most environmentally-responsible and sustainable material
  • Makes the most supportive deck with just the perfect amount of flex
  • Makes flexible and lightweight decks that can carry heavy boarders
  • Great for commuting, dancing, and cruising
  • More expensive
  • Makes for stiffer decks
  • Great for downhill riding
  • There are different kinds of maple – you can choose the specific variety that you want
  • More durable than bamboo because it is denser and stiffer
  • More affordable compared to bamboo
  • Takes a long time to grow which makes it unsustainable

Can You Make a Longboard Out of Solid Wood?

While making longboards out of solid wood is not common, it has been done before. But there is a reason why people favor using plywood more than solid wood.

The ideal and most way of making longboards is to glue and press several layers of woods or veneers together.

Are Longboards Expensive?

Longboards can be expensive but this doesn’t mean that you should buy the most expensive ones especially if you are a beginner.

One consideration in buying a longboard is the features that it has. The more features that the board you are eyeing possess then the more expensive it will be.

Why Are Longboards More Expensive?

There are a lot of reasons why longboards are generally more expensive than skateboards.

  • Longboards use more materials—they have bigger wheels and trucks and they use more plies of wood for the decks.
  • Longboard-making uses more technology. There are several factors being considered during construction such as flex, flares, gas pedals, different types of wheels and urethane, rocker, wheel wells, and precision trucks. There are different technologies and techniques being used to ensure that these are all perfectly done.
  • Longboards generally use bearings, truck pieces such as bushings and pivot cups that are of higher quality, which makes them more expensive.

How Much Do Longboards Usually Cost?

Longboards come in all different shapes, sizes, and prices. They usually retail at around 50 to 3400 dollars. You can buy a good quality longboard priced at around 90 to 150 dollars.

There is a consensus that if the price of a longboard is cheaper, it follows that it was made with cheaper materials.

How Much Is a Cheap Longboard?

A cheap longboard can retail for as low as 50 dollars. But if you happen to buy one at this price range, you have to psych yourself out that you won’t be getting the best quality longboard.

They are priced that low because, more often than not, they are made with cheap hardware and material.

Pro boarders advise beginners to not go for the cheapest longboard option because riding one might discourage them to pursue the sport further.

How Much Is a Decent Longboard?

A decent-quality and complete longboard can retail at around 90 to 150 dollars. The set can include good quality trucks, wheels, and hardware. Just the perfect price for a beginner longboard.

Because you are getting better quality as opposed to a cheaper longboard, you can actually feel the difference of the ride (smoothness, stability, etc) and this might encourage you to continue learning and riding your board.

How Much Does a Good Longboard Cost?

A good quality longboard can retail anywhere between 150 to more than 400 dollars. You can get a branded longboard for that price which will make your longboarding journey so much better.

Aside from the brand, deck construction and material may add up to the price of a good longboard. Good quality longboards with bamboo decks are generally more expensive than maple ones.

What Is the Most Expensive Longboard?

Although the exact price is undisclosed, the complete bamboo Jucker Hawaii Cruiser model called Makaha is the most expensive longboard in the world.

It is priced at upwards of 500 pounds. It is more expensive than another Jucker Hawaii model called New Hoku which retails at 543.09 pounds or a staggering 740.88 US dollars.

Made with a combination of Canadian Maple and Bamboo, Makaha is a top mount longboard that boasts a smooth ride performance and top-notch durability. It also gives you the ultimate speed due to its wide trucks and 78a wheels

The board is even flexible enough that it can handle tricks. With its impeccable design and lethal speed, no wonder it is the most expensive longboard on the market today.

What Is a Good Price for a Longboard?

150 dollars is a good price to pay for a longboard. Sure you can buy something for much cheaper but a longboard that retails at 150 dollars is considered to be of good-quality already.

Before buying your board, you should do thorough research if it would be perfect for your riding goals and riding styles.

How Much Should I Spend on a Longboard?

The answer to this question often depends on your skill level.

Even if you are a beginner, it is not wise to buy the cheapest board because this would probably be made from low-quality material that would just hinder your progress and discourage you from the sport. A complete beginner board priced at around 60 to 250 dollars would suffice.

However, the lines get blurry if you are a pro boarder looking for an upgrade. Since you already know what you want and how to use your board, the most pressing concern is if you are willing to shell out a huge amount of money for a new board.

Where Can I Buy a Good Longboard?

There are a lot of places that sell longboards but to make sure that you are getting the bang for your buck, you should consider going to the skate shop nearest to you.

By doing so, you would know that you are getting the best quality longboards. You can also touch them and examine them in close proximity to make sure that they are really what you want.

Do They Sell Longboards at Walmart?

Walmart does sell longboards. The store carries different longboard lines.

However, pro boarders do not advise on buying a Walmart longboard. This is because they believe the longboards to be made from low-quality materials that can easily break.

Does Big 5 Sell Longboards?

Big 5 also sell longboards, however, pro boarders do not advise on going there for your longboarding needs.

While Big 5 is a general sporting goods store, pro boarders believe that they only carry low-quality longboard lines that are not at par with real well-made boards.

Does Zumiez Sell Longboards?

You can buy longboards at Zumiez, a multi-national longboarding company. Zumiez sells and carries different longboard lines from top longboard brands including Santa Cruz and Mercer.

They also sell longboards made with different materials like bamboo and maple. Zumiez is a one-stop-shop for all your longboard need.

Are Zumiez Longboards Good?

Zumiez is known for its high-quality longboards. As a multi-national longboarding company, they know their stuff and you are sure that they are only selling the best ones.

Zumiez longboards come in different varieties including bamboo. They customize their bamboo line by combining it with other materials like fiberglass to make sure that they are of top-notch durability.

Aside from bamboo longboards, Zumiez also sells high-quality drop through, pintail, drop down, and top mount longboards.

What Is the Best Longboard Brand to Buy?

It is pretty hard to choose the “best” longboard as this would cause a heated debate between boarders. Different people have their favorite brands because they happened to serve them best.

Choosing the best longboard is very subjective and the answer varies from boarder to boarder.

Are Sector 9 Longboards Good?

Sector 9 Longboards are one of the top longboards due to their smooth and easy riding feel. They are also known to be exceedingly well made and are of high-quality.

Many of their boards are also recommended for beginners. Aside from that, they are known for being priced reasonably.

Is Landyachtz a Good Longboard Brand?

Landyachtz is known all over the world as one of the best longboard brands. The company is known for its many longboard lines and their top-notch quality.

Pro boarders recommend this brand for beginners. Aside from that, Landyachtz is also known for being environmentally-responsible.

Are Quest Longboards Good?

While Quest only carries a few longboards, they are known to be of great quality. Many agree that Quest Longboards are not only reasonably priced but are also made with elegant designs that are meant to last.

Many beginner longboarders prefer to buy Quest longboards because they allow for smooth and stable rides whether they ride in smooth or rough terrain.

Is San Clemente Longboard Good?

San Clemente is also known for having great longboards. This American longboard company has been in the industry for many years and their longboards speak for themselves.

San Clemente Longboards are made with 7 and 9 plies of maple making them superbly durable. Aside from that, they were made to make sure that you will make smooth turns even at high speeds and long distances.

Are Db Longboards Good?

Db Longboards are one of the most popular longboards on the market which follows that they are indeed good. The brand is known for its high-quality longboards which also utilize innovative technology. DB Longboards are also great for freeriding and downhill longboarding.

Db Longboards is a company made up of passionate longboarders which ensures that they only make top-notch longboards. They support innovation and they create their boards using various technologies including CAD design, CNC machines, and 3D printing.

Is Stella a Good Longboard Brand?

Stella Longboards is often recognized as one brand which produces great quality longboards alongside other known brands including Ehlers, Funbox, Gravity, and Madrid.

Stella’s longboard line carries many different designs and they also offer full customization. They are also known for producing eco-friendly boards.

Are Flybar Longboards Good?

Flybar Longboards have received five stars on online forums many times which is a testament to the people’s love of the brand and their longboards.

The company offers many different kinds of longboards including smaller pintails and cruiser boards. Flybar longboards are known for extremely durable and lightweight.

Is Yocaher a Good Longboard Brand?

Yocaher is considered to be one of the top freestyle longboard manufacturers around. They are known for producing not just top-notch quality longboards but also skateboards and surfboards.

Yocaher carries many kinds of boards that can fit boarders of all skill level, riding style, and riding goals. They are also extremely beginner-friendly.

Are Loaded Longboards Worth It?

If you are looking for an amazing dancing longboard that will last you a long time, then purchasing Loaded Longboards is so much worth it.

Sure, it may cost you a lot more than compare to other longboard brands but Loaded offers products that will stay with you for a long time. In the long run, you will surely get what you pay for.

Can I Make My Own Longboard?

It would talk a lot of woodwork but you can definitely make your own longboard. You need to have the right tools, a bit of wood chopping ability, and the motivation to design, construct, and style your own board.

It can be hard but it is a fun activity to do with friends or with just yourself. You would also learn first-hand what makes a longboard good.

How Do You Make Your Own Longboard?

If you decided to make it your personal project to construct a longboard, here are some steps to follow.

  • Make sure that you have complete materials and tools: Before you even get started, you have to check if you have everything that you will need. The things that you will need include:
    • Plywood for your deck
    • Wood glue or strong adhesive
    • Sandpaper
    • Eight screws that are just the perfect size for the holes in your trucks
    • Staple gun or screws
    • A drill
    • Polyurethane varnish
    • Grip tape
    • Hardware (trucks, bearings, wheels)
  • Prepare your layers: Fuse your chosen sheets of plywood to form a longboard deck. The more layer you add the more rigid the board will be. The number of layers will greatly affect the flex of your board so add accordingly. Cut your wood into rectangular strips. If you want longer board, cut longer strips and if you want shorter board then cut shorter strips. Glue up the plies evenly with wood glue or strong adhesive, clamp the boars together, and let them dry overnight.
  • Prepare the hardware: While your layers are drying, move on to setting up the hardware. Install the bearings into the wheel by sliding them onto the truck. Don’t forget to screw the nut on the end of the truck to keep the wheel intact and in place. Remember to tighten the nut just right because if it is they are screwed too tight, the wheels won’t spin. On the other hand, if the screws are too loose then your wheels will wobble.
  • Shape your deck: Make up your mind on what shape you want your board to be. It is good to have a life-size cut out of your desired shape so you can use it as an outline for your board. Also, consider where the trucks would go. A trick is to place the trucks on their spot on the board, and then trace the holes where the screws would go. You can start carefully cutting the board with a bandsaw around your desired shape. Now that the outer shape is complete, you can drill the holes for the trucks.
  • Finish the deck: Carefully sand the surface of the deck and clean off the sawdust. Apply a layer of polyurethane varnish to protect the deck from water, dirt, and other elements. Once the varnish is dry you can paint your deck as desired before applying another layer of polyurethane varnish. Allow it to dry completely.
  • Adding the hardware and grip tape: Roll out and stick the grip tape down the board and make sure that there are no air bubbles. With a screwdriver, rub the edges to make sure that the grip tape sticks completely, and with a razor blade, cut off the excess tape. Once that’s attached, you can now bolt the trucks in place.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Your Own Longboard?

There is no fixed amount on the cost or the savings that you can make if you decide to make your own longboard. Because the materials are priced differently, it’s hard to get a consensus on how much does it truly costs to DIY your own board.

For some, they may have to buy every single piece of equipment which makes building their board more expensive than if they happen to already own a few items on the list.

Is It Cheaper to Build Your Own Longboard or Buy a Complete Longboard?

In some cases, building your own longboard is cheaper than buying a complete set. This is because you can have a say on which item should you splurge on while when you buy a complete set, well. what you see is indeed what you get.

Aside from that, DIY longboards can also be customized to your liking and would not need upgrading anytime soon. But when you buy a complete set, you are going home with every part of it which means that it’s a new cost when you choose to upgrade the board’s hardware.

Should I Build My Own Longboard?

Are you motivated? Do you know how to handle woodworking tools? Are you patient? If the answer to all three is yes, then you should build your own longboard.

The decision really depends on you since you will be the one working on it, not to mention riding it. If you think you can handle making your own board, then, by all means, do it yourself.

It also pays to know that when you do your board, you can customize it to your liking. You will also have a handle on the exact cost that you will shell out. The sense of fulfillment after finishing one is unlike no other.

Should I Buy a Complete Longboard?

There’s no shame in buying a complete longboard. Most boarders buy their board especially beginners, and there are a lot of amazing longboards on the market.

If you are new to longboarding, buying a longboard is something that you don’t need to think about anymore. You can just focus on getting better at riding it.

The best ones are on retail now and if you can’t be bothered to get crafty, then head on over to the skate shop near you and buy yourself a new toy.

Which Longboard Should I Get?

With the abundance of longboards in the market, it can really be hard to decide on which one you should get your hands on. But remember that the decision depends on you.

More than how cool it is, get a board that will serve you best with regards to your riding goals and riding style.

If you are a beginner, choose a longboard that is stable and has ample foot space. It is also good if your board increasing your pushing potential so you can learn and master pushing and pumping.

Focus on and learn the basics first and don’t immediately jump to doing tricks. Don’t run before you can walk. Or in this case, don’t jump before you can roll.

If you are still unsure of what to get, you can directly go to a skate shop near you to ask professional advice from their employees. They can suggest the best longboard appropriate for your skill level.

Happy rolling!