Can You Travel With a Longboard (and Can You Take It on an Airplane)?

Traveling with your longboard may not be completely hassle-free but it is definitely possible. Whether carry on or checked-in baggage, most airlines allow you to travel with your longboard. However, this comes with certain rules and restrictions.
Can You Travel With a Longboard

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It may be daunting to travel with your longboard because of its size but fret not because you can definitely bring it along with you no matter where you are in the world. Make sure to check in with your chosen airline regarding their rules about longboards on their flights.

How Do You Transport a Longboard?

Transporting longboards is more common than you think. In fact, you can do it in many ways because carriers have made traveling with them simpler over the years.

  • Air travel: You are allowed to bring your longboard with you on flights but make sure to check if they only allow it as a carry-on or a piece of checked-in baggage.
  • Land travel: Trains and buses are probably the easiest way of transporting your longboard as they have fewer requirements. If you are traveling by public transportation, make sure to strap your board securely on your person so that it won’t get lost.

How Do You Carry a Longboard?

Longboards were made to transport you from point A to point B. But there comes a time that they need to be carried too.

There are many different ways in which you can carry your longboard. These include:

  • By hand: Do this if you only need to carry it for a short time or the place where you are going happens to be near. You can also do this if your longboard is not too long and you don’t need to hold anything else.
  • Using a shoulder strap: If you need to carry your longboard but you still need to hold other things, using a utility belt or a shoulder strap is the way to go. However, this method can get uncomfortable especially if your board is heavy.
  • Using a shoulder bag: This method also frees your hand. Aside from that, the fabric of the bag offers protection to your board. However, it may take a toll on your shoulder if you carry it for too long.
  • Using a backpack: This method is more comfortable and will also allow you to use your hands for other things. The backpack is also wide enough to bring other longboarding gears. However, this will only be good for shorter longboards.
  • Using a longboard travel bag: If you are to travel a great distance with your longboard, it’s best to carry it in its specialized bag. However, this may be bulkier, and this will cost you extra.
  • Using a bike: While this method will not free your hands or feet, it will transport you to your destination faster. Aside from that, your longboard will not create tension on your back or shoulders from carrying it for too long.

How Do You Carry a Longboard on a Backpack?

If want to use a backpack to carry your longboard, make sure that it is well padded. You can place the board across the shoulder straps of your backpack and make sure that the bottom of the deck is flat against your back.

Nowadays, there are specialized backpacks made for carrying longboards. Some boarders also attach straps on the front of their backpacks where they clip on their longboards with the platform facing out.

How Do You Carry a Longboard on a Bike?

Often, when boarders bring their longboard on a bike ride, they strap it on their backpack. This way they can be sure that the board will be fully protected and will not fall without them knowing.

Some even build a rack on the back of the bike where they can strap on their board directly to the body of the bike. This is especially helpful if you are going to ride your bicycle for long periods of time.

Does Longboard Count as a Carry on?

Airlines have different policies on letting your longboard with you on a plane. On bigger planes, they may allow you to bring your board as a carry on provided that it can fit and be stashed away in the overhead bin or under the seat. In some cases, flight attendants will even keep your board in the coat closet.

Staff in smaller planes or overbooked flights are less lenient as there would be less or zero space for you to put your longboard in if they allowed you to bring it as a carry on. Because of this, they will allow you to bring your board but only as a piece of checked-in baggage.

How Do You Carry on a Longboard?

If your airline happens to allow you to carry on your board, make sure to remember these tips for a hassle-free flight.

  • If your board fits in the overhead bin, make sure to strap it to your backpack so that it won’t be moving too much during transit.
  • If possible, you can disassemble your board and keep the trucks on your bag so that your board won’t take too much space.
  • Some airlines will ask you to cover the wheels of your board so as not to damage other items in the overhead bin.
  • You can put your board inside your carry-on duffel bag.
  • If it doesn’t fit in the bin and they ask you to stow it under the seat, make sure that the platform is facing down and the wheels are up so that your board will not roll on the floor during the flight.

Can You Bring a Longboard on American Airlines?

You are allowed to bring your longboard on American Airlines but only as a check-in baggage. Their official policy states that any object that is longer than their minimum carry-on length of 22 inches has to be checked in.

The maximum measurement for checking-in a longboard is 62 inches and 50 pounds or approximately 22.68 kilograms, and this will cost you the normal check-in bag fee.

Can You Ride a Longboard in the Airport?

Some boarders have ridden their longboards in the airport, but for safety reasons, it is not advisable to do this.

While some airports are not very strict about boarders cruising through, some airports have very specific regulations banning you from riding your board. This is because, in a crowded place, the likelihood of accidents occurring is very high.

To save yourself the trouble and to be considerate of other passengers around you, just wait until you are out of the airport to ride your longboard.