What Is the Difference Between a Longboard and a Skateboard (and Which one Is Better)?

As its name implies, a longboard is generally longer than your traditional skateboard. Although their cost is a little higher than skateboards, longboards are also much faster which makes them a great means of transportation. Determining whether a longboard is better than a skateboard and vice versa all comes down to your personal preference.
What Is the Difference Between a Longboard and a Skateboard

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Longboards usually have bigger and softer wheels than your old regular skateboards which makes them capable of strongly absorbing shock from the ground. Also, longboards provide you a quieter and smoother riding experience than skateboards. This is one of the many reasons as to why they are excellent for covering long distances.

Is a Longboard the Same as a Skateboard?

Although they have quite a few similarities, a longboard is not the same as a skateboard. Many people get confused between longboards and skateboards and they often use the two interchangeably. A longboard is a type of conventional skateboard.

Although they might sound the same, they are quite distinct from one another. Below is a table to show you some of the differences between longboards and skateboards to help you choose which one suits you best.

  Longboards Skateboards
Size Longer than your traditional skateboard. Typically 9-10 inches wide and 35-60 inches long. Smaller than longboards. Typically 7-10 inches wide and 28-34 inches long.
Balance Easier to maintain your balance because it is wider and longer. Harder to maintain your balance because it is smaller.
Shape Although they do not curve upward at both ends, they come in many different shapes. They curve upward at both ends.
Wheels Usually have softer and larger wheels than skateboards. Usually have smaller wheels
Shock Absorption Capable of absorbing shock better than skateboards because they have larger wheels. Can be thrown off the road with ease if it hits obstacles like gravel and rocks.
Tricks It is harder to perform tricks on longboards. It is easier to perform tricks on skateboards and control its speed because of its small wheels.
Traveling Excellent for traveling longer distances at higher speeds than skateboards because it is bigger and more stable. Although you can still travel long distances on skateboards, they are less stable and comfortable than longboards.

What Came First – Longboard or Skateboard?

Skateboards were invented first before longboards. Back in the 1950s, the surfers enjoyed surfing so much that they wanted to experience the same feeling of catching waves in the road as they would in the sea when it was not possible to surf. The very first skateboards came to life after the surfers attached a few random screws on some random wooden plank.

The surfers, later on, realized that the board was too small and too flat to perform tricks on so they made it smaller. After making the board smaller, they noticed that it was too small to ride and it did not give them the same feeling when they ride their surfboards. They made a few modifications to the design of skateboards then longboarding eventually surfaced and its popularity increased massively over the last few decades.

Is Longboarding Easier or Harder Than Skateboarding?

The answer depends on the circumstances but as previously mentioned, it is way easier to learn longboarding than skateboarding because of its size. If your longboard is wider and longer, the easier it is to maintain your balance while riding it.

In addition to this, longboards also have softer and larger wheels which makes them strongly capable of absorbing shock better than skateboards. Skateboards are slightly smaller in size and they also have harder wheels. This means that you only have a small space for your feet which makes it harder and longer to learn riding a skateboard.

Are Longboards or Skateboards Better for Beginners?

Longboards and skateboards are both good for beginners to use. While this may be the case, longboards are better if you are just starting out according to various sources. Again, longboards are more stable which gives you a quieter and smoother riding experience.

As stated earlier, longboards are easier to learn because of several reasons. Apart from being longer and wider than skateboards, longboards also have softer and larger wheels which makes them easier to ride. This makes longboards the ideal board for beginners.

Should I Learn to Skateboard or Longboard First?

It is highly advisable to learn how to ride a longboard first before you learn how to ride a skateboard even if you plan to perform tricks right after you start. As stated earlier, it is much easier to learn how to ride a longboard because of its wide deck and larger wheels in comparison to skateboards which makes it easier to control and smoother to ride.

Learning how to ride a longboard first will give you a feeling of accomplishment when you finally decide to transition to learn how to ride a skateboard. At some point in time, you might want to transition into skateboarding to learn how to do tricks and this will be easier to learn because you have had some experience riding longboards. Even though longboards are generally easier, it still differs from person to person whether they find skateboarding easier than longboarding and vice versa.

Do Longboards Go Faster Than Skateboards?

Longboards go faster than skateboards because they were thoroughly designed for speed. All the different parts that make up a longboard were carefully thought of and built to allow them to go at faster speeds than traditional skateboards. There are numerous reasons why longboards can go faster than skateboards.

The most common reason is that longboards have bigger and softer wheels than skateboards. Put simply, bigger wheels will roll faster than smaller wheels and softer wheels will absorb shock better than harder wheels. This enables longboards to go faster and cover a greater distance than skateboards.

Why Are Longboards Faster Than Skateboards?

Longboards can go way faster than skateboards because of their hardware. There are a few more reasons why longboards are faster than skateboards. Here are some of the many reasons why:

  • Wheels: They have larger wheels that enable you to cover even bigger distances as you go. Additionally, their wheels are also softer which allows them to strongly absorb shock from obstacles in the ground.
  • Size: Longboards are a little bit wider and longer than skateboards in size which makes them easier and faster to ride.
  • Stability: Longboards are more stable because they have wider and longer decks and larger wheels that allow you to go faster than skateboards.
  • Balance: It is easier to maintain your balance on longboards because you have more room for your feet as they have wider and longer decks. This makes you capable of going at even higher speeds than skateboards because you don’t have to worry too much about falling out of your board.
  • Bearings: Longboards also typically have bearings of higher quality which makes them capable of going at much higher speeds.

Are Longboards Safer or More Dangerous Than Skateboards?

The answer to whether longboards are safer or more dangerous than skateboards are highly situational although longboards usually have bigger decks which means that you are standing on a larger platform. Having plenty of room for your feet means that it is much easier to maintain your balance. This lessens the risk of falling out of your board and allows you to have a safer riding experience.

Having said that, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider when determining if longboards are safer or more dangerous than skateboards. The speed you’re going, the terrain you’re riding on, and the location you’re at are only some of the many key factors that contribute to the safety of your riding experience. Longboarding and skateboarding are only as dangerous as you make it so always make sure to prioritize your safety first at all times.

Can I Bring My Longboard to a Skatepark?

There is no problem at all if you want to bring your longboard to a skatepark as long as you respect the community and the people in it. Although some people in the skatepark are territorial and quarrelsome, there are also people in the skatepark that are nice and willing to educate those who are just starting out. Here’s an ultimate guide to skatepark etiquette:

  • Be friendly: Do not ride around wearing your earphones in especially if you’re new to the skatepark. It’s disrespectful to most and you should try your best to socialize with the people in the park.
  • Be respectful: Respect the people in the skatepark and the skatepark itself. The features in the skatepark are usually made for skateboards and not for longboards. Treat the skatepark with respect by not riding around endlessly for long periods to avoid damaging the features.
  • Be aware: Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Watch where you’re going and look out for other skaters to avoid bumping into them and prevent any accident from happening.
  • Be mindful: Do not leave your board in the middle of a course. Stay out of the way if you’re not skating. The majority of the skateparks have areas where you can wait or just stand around if you want to enjoy watching other people skate.
  • Wait for your turn: Everyone gets a turn to take a run. Wait until they’re done and do not drop in if someone is in the middle of a run. That is extremely disrespectful and you’ll just end up upsetting the people in the skatepark.
  • Give chance to others: There’s not much to explain here. Once you’ve had your turn, give people a chance to have theirs. Don’t be that guy that drops in again right after finishing a run.
  • Do not snake people: There will be times when you will cut people’s lines and prevent them from doing the trick they wanted to do even if you didn’t intend to do it on purpose. That’s completely okay, just remember to always apologize. What’s not okay is if you intentionally snake people.
  • Do your own thing: Do not let other people limit you from what you want to do because there are no rules in longboarding or skateboarding. If other skaters are hating on the way you ride, do not pay attention to them. As long as you’re polite and respectful then you’re doing nothing wrong.

Can Longboards Go on Ramps?

Longboards can go on ramps but a few characteristics of the board will make it more difficult for you to do so. Since longboards have wider and longer decks, everything will happen a little bit slower than usual. The big and soft wheels of longboards also give it a stronger grip which makes it harder for you to slide down the ramp.

Even though this is the case, longboards can still go on ramps. It’s just that it will be a little bit more challenging for you to do some tricks. It will take some time and effort before you get really good at going on ramps using your longboard.

Do You Need Skate Shoes to Longboard?

The best part about longboarding is that you don’t need skate shoes to longboard. As long as you are comfortable with the shoes you’re wearing and you can guarantee that it will not be the cause of an accident, then you have nothing to worry about. At the end of the day, you want yourself to be safe and free from injuries once you get home from longboarding.

Most of the time, your regular pair of sneakers are already good enough for longboarding but a good pair of skating shoes can make a very huge difference. Some shoes are particularly designed for longboarding and they will provide you with a higher level of comfortability. In addition to this, they also have a stronger grip and good ankle support.

Are Longboarders Considered Skaters?

This question has been around for quite a while now. Some people still do not like to consider longboarders as skaters up to this day. However, longboarders are considered skaters because a longboard is a type of skateboard.

Skaters say that skateboards are way harder to ride compared to longboards which is why longboarders should not be considered as skaters. Skaters also say that longboarders are not real skaters because they just cruise around for hours and they do not put themselves in danger when learning a new trick. For a long time, skaters did not like to call longboarders skaters and some still do now.

Do Skaters Hate Longboarders?

Some skaters hate longboarders and vice versa. Skaters hate longboarders because they are still considered skaters even if they do not invest so much time and effort learning how to do tricks in the skatepark.

Skateboarding is certainly more technical. It is undeniably true that so much time and work are needed to get good in skateboarding and there is also so much creativity in performing trick combos. Until now, the two groups still don’t see eye to eye.

What Is Better – a Longboard or a Skateboard?

This question has been a very popular topic of debate for a long time now. When it comes to determining whether a longboard is better than a skateboard, it all comes down to your personal preference and what you intend to use it for. Longboards were designed to be used for traveling long distances and skateboards were designed to be able to perform tricks in the skatepark.

Both were designed and built for different reasons so you must know what you plan to use them for. If you buy a longboard and you plan to learn how to do tricks, then you might just be disappointed. If you buy a skateboard and you plan to cruise for long distances at extremely high speeds then it might not do the job for you.

Should I Get a Longboard or a Skateboard?

Again, deciding whether to get a longboard or a skateboard depends on your personal preference. Some people have lots of fun cruising beside the beach, exploring the town, or going through the streets of the city. This is the reason why they prefer getting a longboard over a skateboard because it provides them high speeds enough to get them to go from one place to another swiftly.

There are other people who prefer getting a skateboard because they spend long periods of time in the skate park. They have more fun learning how to perform various tricks rather than cruising around the neighborhood. Know what you want to use your board for and choose which one best suits your needs and wants.