What Is a Drop Down Longboard (and What Is It Good For)?

A drop down longboard is a common type of longboard designed to sport a low or dropped platform which allows for greater stability at any speed. Drop down longboards are not only considered as great freeriding boards, but they are also good for sliding, downhill riding, and cruising.
What Is a Drop Down Longboard

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While drop down longboards are known to be the constant companion of professional freeride boarders, it is also easy to learn longboarding using this board. This board caters to boarders of all skill levels and is great for many riding styles and goals.

What Are Drop Down Longboards Good for?

Drop down longboards are often considered the perfect freeriding board. This is mainly due to how the deck is designed which lowers the center of gravity making it extremely stable.

Aside from that, the wheels return to their normal position more quickly after a slide easily returning to a stable ride.

Drop down longboards are also recommended for beginners. Aside from its stability, it also helps that these boards are very easy to use and to learn longboarding from.

What Is the Difference Between a Drop Down and a Drop Through Longboard?

The drop through and drop down longboards have sparked debates over which one is better. To add to that, the two longboards look almost alike which makes choosing between the two seem like a lot of work.

Here is a table to help you differentiate the two.

Drop Down Longboard Drop Through Longboard
  • Meant for more technical skating
  • Decks are extremely stiff because the platform is designed to curve downwards behind the trucks
  • The deck rests atop the baseplates
  • Has no-flex deck
  • Extremely stable especially on straight roads
  • Easier to do slides with
  • Great at very high speeds, downhill riding, and sliding
  • Preferred by most advanced freeride boarders
  • The baseplate rests above the deck
  • The deck has a cutout where the truck passes.
  • Has low-flex deck
  • Easier to maneuver
  • Has more surface area on the platform to stand on
  • Has better traction in corners
  • Great at moderately high speeds, downhill riding, cruising, commuting, and beginner freeride boarders

Are Drop Down Longboards Good for Beginners?

Drop down longboards may be the go-to boards of pro freeride boarders, but they are also known to be great beginner boards. Because of how their low deck is designed, it offers superior stability even at higher or faster riding speeds.

Aside from that, it is very easy to push and slide due to the lower center of gravity caused by its low drop. This longboard also offers easier foot breaking compared to other boards with their decks positioned higher. However, the wheels have less grip and the trucks may be less responsive.

Are Drop Down Longboards Good for Cruising?

Drop down longboards are good for cruising. The decks are positioned way lower and this design makes the longboards really stable along with the lower center of gravity.

Aside from providing stability on your rides, drop down longboards also allow for heightened sensitivity to the platform.

Are Drop Down Longboards Good for Tricks?

Drop down longboards may offer superior stability but being able to do tricks on them may be a little trickier. This is mainly because of how the platforms of drop down longboards are designed.

Pro boarders who are used to riding their boards may be able to perform tricks on them with no problem whatsoever, but it may be a different scenario for beginner boarders.

Can You Dance on a Drop Down Longboard?

The answer depends on your skill level as a boarder. If you happen to be an advanced boarder, you may have an easier time dancing with your drop down longboard.

However, if you are just starting on your longboarding journey, it may be more difficult for you. This is because the deck is designed to have raised lips and a step on either end. You have to account for these designs whenever you move on your board.

Should I Get a Drop Down Longboard?

If you are a beginner who wants to get started on your longboarding journey, the answer is yes. Many of this board’s characteristics cater to beginner needs such as its improved stability, easy foot braking, and ease of use.

If you are an experienced boarder who wants to master the discipline of freeriding or wants to improve their skills, the answer is also yes. It is also great for boarders who are into sliding because of its less rollover tendency.

What Is a Double Drop Longboard?

A double drop longboard, which is both a drop down and a drop through, has a deck that is twice as low to the ground compared to standard boards. It is a great cruising board because of its low deck which offers superior stability.

But double drop longboards are not just great for cruising, it is also great for freeriding and sliding. It is also comfortable to ride, and it is very easy to push. The board is also symmetrical and bi-directional which enables you to ride it on either end.

To add to all the good things that double drop longboards are, many also consider them as great beginner boards. Foot braking is way easier than in other boards because its low deck makes reaching the ground less difficult.

While they can be more complex to make and more expensive, if you purchase one, you get a solid board that you can easily customize to fit your riding style and goals.