Where Can I Skimboard (Conditions, Surfaces, and Locations)?

Skimboarding can be performed on a number of different conditions, surfaces, and locations. Aside from doing it on bodies of very shallow water, there is also urban skimboarding, where you can skimboard just about wherever you can find a pool of water and a flat surface.
Where Can I Skimboard

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Skimboarding was first performed on beaches where the skimboarder would either go sand or water skimming. Most beginners would start with sand skimming, where they would basically skim on the sand with a very thin layer of water. Then, they would run out to the breaking wave in water skimming, ride it back out, and ride on the incoming wave.

What Are the Best Conditions for Skimboarding?

Although you can skimboard under myriad conditions, you still would want to do it under ideal settings. First of all, the beach must be free of obstacles and stones so that the board slides easily. Your skimboard will not get along very well with pebbles and small stones

The terrain must be wide and as flat as possible, especially if you are just starting to learn skimboarding. You want to have sufficient space for the run up to the water. A more expansive beach will also give you a longer ride which is the point of skimboarding, a longer and smoother ride.

What Tide is Best for Skimboarding?

That depends on your preferred type of skimboarding. If you like to ride waves, then it’s best if you go during high tide. This is because the waves will break closer to shore during high tide. You obviously have bigger waves to ride at this time.

More sand is exposed during low tide, so if you prefer to ride on the sand, low tide is when you should be going to the beach. More sand means longer rides. Most recreational skimboarders choose this type of skimboarding.

Is High Tide or Low Tide Best for Skimboarding?

High tide is best if you prefer riding on waves. Actually, it’s when the tide is rising that you get to enjoy riding the waves more. This is because you have a longer window to ride the waves when you start skimming when the tide is rising.

Low tide is for those of you who like to sand skim. This is when most beginners start to learn the sport. There is no “best” tide for skimboarding. Instead, it’s a matter of which tide you enjoy the most.

Can You Skimboard Without Waves?

Unlike surfing, you don’t actually need waves to skimboard. You can do it during low tide with very minimal water. Some riders actually prefer to skimboard on the sand rather than ride the waves. Beginners would usually start by learning to skim on the sand before venturing farther away and skimming on the waves.

The fact that you can skimboard on other water bodies aside from the ocean means waves are unnecessary for skimboarding. You can skim just about anywhere with a pool of water without worrying whether you will have a good skim if you don’t have waves. In fact, the skimming term “flatland skimboarding” is a class of skimboarding that does not involve waves and is done along shorelines, rivers, puddles, or any smooth surface of the water.

Can You Skimboard on a Lake?

Yes, you definitely can! You can still enjoy this sport even if you live away from the beach. A lake would do nicely for skimboarding. Aside from lakes, you can ride your skimboard on rivers, ponds, and on any surface of the water where you have sufficient space to do it. This type of skimming is called “inland skimboarding.”

Inland skimboarding is basically flatland skimboarding in inland bodies of water and not on beaches. Any type of surface water with plenty of space would be good enough for skimboarding.

Can You Skimboard on Snow?

Yes, you can use your skimboard on snow. One thing about this sport is a beach is not necessary (although skimboarding on a beach is awesome). Instead, find a good-sized snow-covered hill with a nice downhill slope, and you’re good to go.

You can even take your skimboard to a ski park near you and ride it there (if they allow you to). Skimboarding in the snow may not be the same as using skis, but it gives a different dimension to skimboarding or skiing, for that matter.

Can You Skimboard on Wet Grass?

Yes, but you get the best results when the grass is fully submerged. Extreme skimboarders have skimmed on submerged football fields and golf courses. The best skimming on grass is when the water is barely above the grass so that you can hydroplane on it.

Some wet grass may not be good enough. The grass blades may offer too much resistance to the skimboard, so you won’t be able to skim very far on it.  It has to have at least a thin film of water over it to be passable enough for skimming.

Can You Skimboard on a Tarp?

Skimboarding on a tarp is possible. All you need is a long tarp, a flat surface, and water. Lay down your tarp, wet it down, and skim!

You can lay down your tarp in your driveway, your backyard, a grassy field, or any place where you have sufficient space. You can even ask your neighbor if you can use his lawn and ask him to join you in skimboarding. He will surely enjoy the experience of skimboarding on a tarp with you.

Can You Skimboard on a Carpet?

Yes, and you won’t even need water to do it! Remove the furniture from your living room to create more space and start skimming. Skimboarding on a carpet is a great way to practice your drop in the absence of a skimboarding pool of water.

Although you might find the space limiting, carpet skimming is still a great way to enjoy the sport. In this pandemic time, any way you can practice skimming is a win. So, clear your living room of obstacles, remove those grits and start your run.

Where Can I Go Skimboarding?

Anywhere and everywhere. Wherever there’s a pool of water, sufficient space, and a willingness to try it, skimboarding can be done just about anywhere. You can go to the beach if you are into wave riding or sand skimming. You can skimboard on ponds, lakes, or rivers.

You can try urban skimboarding. Extreme skimboarders have skimmed on flooded streets, shallow canals, and fountains. It will be hell on your skimboard, but you get a hell of a ride also. You can skim down grassy hills or snow-covered slopes.

Can You Skimboard in Florida?

Ah, Florida! The Sunshine State, with the magnificent beaches and weather, just made for skimboarding. So if you’re into skimboarding and looking for a great beach with or without waves, then Florida should be on your wish list.

Although some beaches have specific times when you can skim or surf due to the huge number of people, it will be worth it. But then again, if you have the means to go to other beaches away from those tourist traps, then you have a choice of all those great beaches. There’s no way you can go wrong when you get all excited to skimboard in Florida.

Can You Skimboard Anywhere?

Today, skimboarding can be done on lakes and rivers, or in the case of extreme urban skimboarding. You can do it in shallow canals, flooded streets, flooded football fields, and golf courses. In addition, you can skimboard on hills, on a tarp, or even in your living room.

So yes, you can skimboard almost anywhere. A word of caution, however, urban skimboarding is not for beginners. Even moderately advanced skimmers would do well to leave it to the pros. Although scrapes and scratches are part of being a skimboarder, you wouldn’t want to add broken bones to that. You are skimboarding for the fun and thrill of it.