How Do You Take Care of a Skimboard (and How Do You Make It Faster)?

A good skimboarder keeps the board well maintained before and after skimboarding. Never leave your board exposed to heat, either in the sun or enclosed in a hot space. Make a habit of checking your board regularly for dents and holes. Clean them with fresh water before and after skimboarding. Proper care is essential for you to get the maximum performance and durability of your board.
How Do You Take Care of a Skimboard?

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As you progress, you will want more rapid skims towards the wave. Making your board faster requires the perfect run-drop-slide technique. It means you can run fast and drop onto your board without losing momentum. There is also a speed wax available in the market, which you can put under your board to give you a boost in speed.

How Do You Care for a Skimboard?

Your skimboard may look sturdy on the outside, but they are intensely vulnerable to heat. When taking a break, position your board vertically with the tail of the board on the sand and the nose pointing upward. You can also cover it with a towel to lessen heat exposure. Consistently check your board for dents, scratches, and holes.

Your board is not invincible to the wave. It’s not unusual for a skimboard to get significant damages when a wave hits too hard. Steer clear of surfaces with shells and rocks. Consider investing in a repair kit commonly found in hardware or surf stores, or take your board directly to a maintenance shop.

How Do You Clean a Skimboard?

After skimming, wash your board with fresh water and let it dry on a shaded area. You may use a mild soap, a wax comb, or a plastic scraper (like your used gift cards) to help take out the remaining wax on the board. You will also use alcohol before applying new wax or your traction pads.

Steps to Clean a Skimboard:

  1. Lay your skimboard on a flat surface.
  2. Hold your board firmly, and with your wax comb or plastic scraper, scrape off the wax residue in one direction.
  3. With a mild soap or a specialized wax remover, spray all over the board, and use a clean cloth to wipe the remaining wax. Repeat as needed.
  4. Spray a generous amount of alcohol on the board to help with the drying process. Wipe with a paper towel or clean rag. Let it dry completely.
  5. Apply your new wax or traction pads.

If you haven’t already cleaned your board before skimboarding again, follow the steps above before applying new wax or traction pads. There is a specialized wax remover and wax comb that you can buy at a surf shop if you are willing to invest in it.

How Do You Paint a Skimboard?

Yes, you can paint on your skimboard! It will entirely depend on the kind of skimboard you have. For instance, if you have a wooden skimboard, you may use spray paint, an airbrush, and paint pens, as long as it’s waterproof. For a foam skimboard, do not use spray paint because it will melt the foam. Here are tips when painting on them:

  1. Cover the area where you will paint your board with cardboard or tarp.
  2. Build up layers and give time to dry in between to avoid smearing them together.
  3. When varnishing your wood board, use a marine spar urethane, and ensure it’s varnished well. Do this about 3-4 times.
  4. Seal your painting with a sealant about 4-7 times to ensure your paint doesn’t come off quickly.
  5. Wear a mask when sealing or spray painting.

Before painting, make sure that you have cleaned your skimboard thoroughly. Get rid of all the wax and grime, or else it will affect your art. Have a scrap wood palette near you to check the colors. For beginners, draw your design on a sheet of paper first before painting it on your board.

Can You Put Stickers on a Skimboard?

You will see that some professional skimboarders have stickers on their board. Stickers make your skimboard look more creative and fun to use. Choose a good-quality sticker like vinyl to keep it longer on the board. You can put them either on the top or the bottom of your skimboard.

Before placing your sticker, make sure the board is well cleaned and dry. Any wax residue will affect the adhesion of the sticker, the same thing if the area is moist. Once placed, let it dry for a few hours before going back to the water.

How Do You Fix a Skimboard?

If there is any damage to your board, you must fix this as soon as possible. Depending on the level of damage, you can do it on your own or go to a local shop. The materials you’ll need are resin, sandpaper, and fiberglass. Here are steps to fix your skimboard:

  1. You will need to sand down the dent with your sandpaper as smooth and clean as possible.
  2. You will then cut the fiberglass to cover the ding.
  3. With a popsicle stick, apply the resin on top of the fiberglass and let it dry.
  4. Do a final coating, and let it dry again.
  5. Sand it down for the last time.

After doing this, you will be able to use your skimboard again with no issues. If the damage is too severe, we recommend that you go to a professional from a local shop.

How Do You Seal a Skimboard?

To seal your skimboard, you will need a sealant such as Epoxy resin and sandpaper. The epoxy will leave a glass-like appearance on the board. You can apply this either in thin, but several layers, or thick layers. When doing this, find a place with less dust, and remember to wear your mask for protection.

You will want to take out any lumps you see on the board. Take your sandpaper and use it on the board, then add another coat of epoxy to fill the small holes. Once dry, you can sand it again or leave it as is.

How Do You Store a Skimboard?

Protect your board from heat and denting the edges. Your skimboard may look sturdy but, if you drop it from a few feet up or store it in a hot vehicle, it’s going to be vastly unpleasant for you. When going on a trip, wrap the edges of your board with foam, bubble wrap, or a towel. Even better, purchase a board bag to cover it completely.

Store your skimboard in a cool, dry place. Avoid leaving it exposed to direct sunlight or non-ventilated hot locations, such as your car, for a long time. Abstain from putting any heavy items on the top of your board because it might affect the curvature of your skimboard.

How Can I Make My Skimboard Go Faster?

Skimboarding requires good technique and mastery of rhythm and balance to control your speed. Practice doing the run-drop-slide method gradually for you to get comfortable with the timing of your drop. Running fast and perfecting your drop is crucial to your momentum. When approaching a wave, do so from a flat angle.

Skimboarders also use wax on the bottom of their skimboard to help increase their pace. Note that there are two kinds of wax: surf wax which you apply on the top of your board for feet traction, and speed wax which you put on the bottom of your board for speed.

What Do You Put on the Bottom of a Skimboard?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional looking for an added edge, there are different waxes you can put on the bottom of your skimboard to help you slide smoother and faster. Here are the most popular:

  • Eelsnot Board Therapy: This brand is made from a hydrophobic gel that helps repel water and prevents sand from sticking to the board. It is inexpensive compared to other products.
  • ZumWax Surfing and Skimboard Ultra Performance Speed Wax: This brand uses fluoro nanotechnology that helps boost your speed over sand and water and protects the bottom of your board from wear and tear. It comes with an applicator pad.
  • Car Wax (Water Repellant): Any brand of car wax that repels water can help you glide. Compared to other products, though, it’s not as efficient in protecting your board from sand abrasion.

There is a growing debate about whether or not putting wax on the bottom of your skimboard makes a difference. It’s a unique experience for each skimboarder and will entirely depend on your preference.

How Long Do Skimboards Last?

With regular maintenance, your skimboard can last you years. Immediately repair your board when you see dents and holes, or else it will reduce the life of the board. When you see bubbles on your board, it’s a sign that water is inside, making it weaker and significantly raising the chance of breaking your board once it hits a wave. Go to a local maintenance shop for a quick and professional repair.

Your skimboard will stay with you as long as you learn how to take good care of it. Remember, look for water stains regularly and patch the damages as soon as possible. A well-maintained skimboard lowers the chance of you getting into an accident.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional skimboarder, taking care of your skimboard is important. You not only protect your safety but also optimize the abilities of your board. Add speed wax to your board, paint it or add stickers for an even better experience!