Paragliding in Asia, Australia, and South Africa (Where and How to Do It)

There is no shortage of fantastic paragliding sites in the world. From the coastal to mountain views, your eyes will be filled with amazing scenery. In Asia, be sure to visit the Philippines, and if you are in Australia, then do yourself a favor and check out all the states. If you are in South Africa, be sure to come to the many paragliding sites in and around Cape Town. The paragliding regulations vary in every location, but they give you the best flying experiences.
Paragliding in Asia, Australia, and South Africa

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While paragliding is not an easy sport to start, it does get easier with time — so much easier when you realize just how much the sport is loved in many places in the world. With the numerous flying sites all over the world, sometimes the hardest thing to do is deciding where to go.

Where Can I Paraglide in the Philippines?

There are many places in the Philippines that will give you amazing paragliding experiences. You would be in awe of the mountain or ocean views that the country offers as you glide across the sky. If you are traveling to the Philippines to try paragliding, here are some of the spots that you should check out:

Carmona in Cavite

Carmona is located only an hour away from the capital of the Philippines. Paragliding in this location will give you the most exquisite view of water springs and green pastures that goes on for miles on end.

Carmona has quickly established itself as a premier paragliding spot in the Philippines, even if it was only discovered in 2009. The fee for tandem paragliding in Carmona starts at around 3,000 PHP (approximately 60 USD) for a 15-minute flight.

Binangonan in Rizal

Located in the east of Manila, the best time to visit Binangonan for a paragliding trip is from mid-October until the end of May. Flying in this spot would give you a magnificent view of Laguna Lake. The fee for tandem paragliding starts at 3,000 PHP (approximately 60 USD) and can go as high as 4,000 PHP (approximately 75 USD).

Oslob in Cebu

If you want to try paragliding outside the Metro, then be sure to head over to Oslob in Cebu. Known for its rolling mountains and clear skies, Oslob is a top paragliding destination in the South.

Oslob Cebu Paragliding Development (OCPD) is the only paragliding takeoff site in all of Cebu. OCPD has been successful thus far in giving enthusiasts an adventure to remember. OCPD offers solo paragliding for licensed pilots. It also offers tandem paragliding for 3,500 PHP (approximately 65 USD). The fee includes site fees and flying equipment.

Tandem paragliding flights can go as short as 8 minutes or as long as 15 minutes. The minimum age allowed for flying is 12, while the weight limit is 100 kgs (approximately 220 lbs)

Maasim in Sarangani

Home to the Sarangani Paragliders Club, Maasim is a premier spot not in Mindanao. It quickly became one of the favorite takeoff points of paragliders. This is due to its mid-level altitude and a strong breeze from Sarangani Bay. Both local and foreign paragliders often visit the area.

The best time to fly is between 8 in the morning to midafternoon. Once up in the air, paragliders are greeted with forested hills and lush mountain areas. Your Maasim paragliding trip is best done with your friends. This is because you would need a minimum of three people to be able to book a paragliding schedule. The fee for each person is 3,500 PHP (approximately 65 USD).

Bontoc in Mountain Province: If you want a bird’s eye view of the famous sceneries north of the Philippines, try paragliding in Bontoc. While flying, you would have a first-class seat to see the rice terraces, Cordillera mountains, and the Chico River.

The trip to Bontoc is an adventure in itself due to its distance from Manila, but this will all be worth it once you are up in the air. While your flight is dependent on the wind and weather, it has been noted that the best months to fly are from January to February.

How Much Does Paragliding Cost in the Philippines?

Full disclosure, paragliding in the Philippines can be expensive. If you are a total beginner, then you are expected to enroll in a paragliding course. The cost varies with different paragliding schools but expects to shell out upwards of 30,000 PHP (approximately 500 USD) for a full 10-day course.

The cost of the flights varies as well. It usually depends on the paragliding site and the paragliding company you choose. Solo and tandem paragliding are also priced differently. On average, the price of solo flights usually starts at 2,000 PHP (approximately 40 USD). Meanwhile, tandem paragliding usually costs more than 3,000 PHP (approximately 60 USD).

Are There Paragliding in Pakistan?

Yes, there are several amazing paragliding sites in Pakistan. Many of these sites are located in the northern region of the country. Prepare to fly across the breathtaking Hindukush Karakorum and Himalayan Mountain ranges.

It is recommended that you contact a travel company before you start your journey going to Pakistan. They will guide you with all the necessary requirements, and they will organize the flying activities for you.

Where Can I Do Paragliding in Pakistan?

Going to Pakistan in itself is a fantastic experience already. But flying across the lovely scenery of this country makes the trip a million times better. So, to make the most out of your paragliding expedition in Pakistan, make sure to check out the places below:

Khanpur Dam

Khanpur Dam is a one-stop spot for many extreme sports. From jet-skiing, cliff diving, parasailing, and scuba diving, you can do all that and more in Khanpur Dam.

It is also a very popular spot for paragliding. For solo paragliding, prepare to pay at least 5,500 PKR (approximately 26 USD). The fee for tandem paragliding starts at 6,000 PKR (approximately 28 USD), and you can get a discount if you happen to be in a group of more than five persons.

The best time to visit Khanpur Dam is from June to October.

Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley is another popular paragliding spot for aficionados. This site is located North of Pakistan. While midair, you would be charmed by the beautiful lakes, mountains, and glaciers.

If you plan to visit, schedule your trip around April to October. While it is great to travel during the summer months (June to August), the Hunza Valley can be pretty crowded due to the high influx of tourists.

Mubarak Village

Located near the Arabian Sea, Mubarak Village (or Goth Mubarak in Urdu) is popular for many different reasons. For one, the most famous beach in Karachi can be found here. Aside from that, it is home to many adventure activities, which makes it a favorite among adrenaline junkies.

You can do a lot of water sports activities in Mubarak Village, including boating, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing.

For those who want to see the view from the sky, paragliding and parasailing are also very popular sports in this area. Although the winters can be harsh in Goth Mubarak, the weather throughout the rest of the year is mild and very suitable for paragliding.

Can You Paraglide From Mount Everest?

Yes, you can paraglide from the top of Mount Everest (the highest mountain in the world!). But is it advisable for you to paraglide from the top of Mount Everest? Probably not, unless you’re a professional paraglider with years of experience, and the weather allows it.

To date, there are only four people who have successfully paraglided off of the top of Mount Everest. This very short list includes Nepali men Sanobabu Sunuwar and Lakpa Tshiri Sherpa. Their journey to the top of the mountain and off it was so impressive that they were hailed as National Geographic Adventurers in 2012.

Did Bear Grylls Paraglide From Everest?

Bear Grylls did paraglide off of the top of Mount Everest. In fact, he was the first man to have successfully done this feat in 2017. Grylls took flight using a powered paraglider.

He descended in the Khumbhu Region at 8,850 meters (29,035 feet). He was able to reach an altitude of 140 meters (460 feet) in his descent.

How Much Does Paragliding Cost in Georgia?

There are five regions in Georgia that offer paragliding activities. These are Batumi, Svaneti, Gudauri, Tbilisi, and Kakheti. On average, the price for a solo flight in these regions starts at 200 GEL (approximately 70 USD). Tandem paragliding is more expensive.

The cost of paragliding in Georgia varies. The price usually depends on the location, the paragliding company, and the packages that you will avail of. The price tends to shoot up if you avail of flight packages that include the use of equipment and transfer from the hotel and the site.

How Much Is Paragliding in Gudauri?

In Gudauri, the price of a paragliding lesson ranges from 360 to 450 GEL (around 120 to 150 USD). This is usually for 15 minutes of flight. The cost of lessons tends to shoot up as the minutes of your flight training increases.

On average, a standard solo flight that will keep you 10 to 15 minutes in the air costs around 270 GEL (approximately 100 USD). Tandem flights are priced higher. The cost also increases depending on the inclusions of the flight package that you will avail.

Where Can I Paraglide in Australia?

There is no shortage of spots for paragliders in the land down under. Australia has eight states, and you can find paragliding spots in all of them. So if you are planning to visit Australia, be sure to hit all these spots for an amazing paragliding getaway.

Northern Territory

It is true that the Northern Territory is mainly known for its Outback desert landscapes. It is also well known for having big views and wide-open spaces, which are great for paragliding. The Northern Territory is also sparsely populated, which means more space for paragliding junkies. Two of the best paragliding sites in NT are Darwin and Alice Springs.

Darwin: Located on the coast and looking out into the Timor Sea, Darwin will give you amazing views of coastal sceneries. It is best to go paragliding during the dry season in Darwin, so make sure to plan your trip from May to October. Once you’re flying, you will enjoy the views of palm trees and red beaches.

Alice Springs: Alice Springs is also very famous for people who want to go flying. Pine Gap is a famous takeoff site, and once you are airborne, you will be greeted by a desert view that goes on for miles.


Queensland is most famous for the Great Barrier Reef. But whether you choose to be underwater or above the clouds, it would sure be an amazing time spent in Queensland. In this state, paragliding aficionados are known to frequent Canungra, Toowoomba, and Rainbow Beach.

Canungra: Paragliding is, in fact, famous in Canungra, and there are a lot of instructors around willing to teach you how to fly. You can enroll in a 2-day paragliding course that would cost you 350 to 600 AUD (approximately 241 to 413 USD).

Toowoomba: If you want to feel like you are part of a paragliding community, then check out Toowoomba. There are tons of local paragliding clubs around that you would for sure fit in no matter how deep you are in the sport.

Rainbow Beach: Rainbow Beach, which is also another popular spot, is located inside the Cooloola Great Sandy National Park.

However, this site comes with very strict conditions. These include only having a maximum of 30 pilots at a time, carpooling is essential, and never walking on the walking track in large groups. While the conditions are strict, once you are up in your paraglider, you will be greeted by the most amazing ocean views.

New South Wales

Home to the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, New South Wales is also famous for its coastline and national parks. There are also rainforests and outback towns in other parts of the state. The places to visit in this Australian state are as diverse as its people. But if you come here specifically to paragliding, then be sure to visit Manilla, Mount Blackheath, and Stanwell Park.

Manilla: Located in Mount Borah, Manilla is the home of Manilla Paragliding. If you are a beginner, then this is a good spot to try paragliding for the first time. This is because the paragliding club is being run by Godfrey Wenness. Wenness is also known as Australia’s most experienced paragliding pilot.

Mount Blackheath: If you are a more experienced pilot and you want more thrill, then head on over to Mt. Blackheath with its spectacular and intimidating mountain views. Visiting pilots are very welcome on this site, provided you have secured a briefing from a safety officer before your flight.

Stanwell Park: Described to be “one of the world’s great coastal sites,” Stanwell Park is blessed with both amazing views and wind conditions. Whether you are a local or a foreign paraglider, make sure to sign up and be a member of the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA). You should also be a member of the Stanwell Park Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club.

Western Australia

The big western part of Australia is covered by this state. While it is mostly made up of the Outback, it is home to many wonders. From art to wine to the energy of the people, you would definitely fit in in Western Australia. If you happen to be an avid paraglider, then you would surely find your people in Albany and Mount Bakewell.

Albany: If you are a beginner paraglider, then head on over to the WA Paragliding Academy in Albany. It offers tandem flights, courses, and training for you to be a licensed paragliding pilot. Once you are in Albany, you can check out Point Kind and Shelly Beach.

Mount Bakewell: Located only an hour and a half drive from Perth, Mount Bakewell is located in the Avon Valley. If you are not a local, it is recommended to team up with a pilot who knows the site best. This site is recommended for more experienced paragliders.

South Australia

South Australia is sure to have many havens for paragliders. This is because it is the fourth-largest Australian state. It is also the second state with the least population. If you are visiting this state and you want to see it from high above, then be sure to check out Seaford, Sellicks, Cape Jervis, and Tunkalilla.

Seaford: Seaford has amazing coastal views, but it is for more experienced pilots. This is because the launch area is fairly narrow. Its backdrop is also a busy main road and a row of houses.

Sellicks: Sellicks is also for more experienced paragliders because it offers a cliff-style launch. The winds can also be strong and unpredictable.

Cape Jervis: Cape Jervis is a site that is more suitable for beginners. It has a good top landing area and a good bottom landing area. In great wind conditions, you may also fly to Normanville.

Tunkalilla: You can fly also fly in Tunkalilla, especially in the summer and occasionally in the winter when the wind conditions permit. However, over time, there’s been an increasing issue of landowners not permitting pilots to fly across their lands.


Known mostly for its hip and young ambiance, there is more to Victoria than Melbourne, its capital. It has amazing mountains, national parks, and beaches. If you are here to paraglide, then you should visit Bright and Bells Beach.

Bright: Popular as an alpine area, Bright offers amazing views of lush mountains. Because paragliding is a popular sport here, there are many paragliding schools in Bright. Some of these are Bright Flight and Activeflight Paragliding.

Bells Beach: If you want a view of the Great Ocean Road from above, then visit Bells Beach. It is considered one of the most popular paragliding sites on Australia’s West Coast.

Australian Capital Territory

The home state of Canberra, ACT is known for its forest, farmland, and nature reserves. Due to its many natural wonders, it is not surprising that many avid paragliders frequent this state. If you happen to be in the ACT, but you don’t know where to go, then start with Spring Hill Lake George, Lanyon, Collector, Honeysuckle, and Pig Hill.


A trip to Tasmania would be nothing short of amazing. It is an island located south of the Australian mainland. You would be enamored with Tasmania’s amazing scenery and wildlife. Paragliding is also very popular on the island, and there are several paragliding clubs and associations in the area.

If you want the best views while you are visiting, then make sure to visit Mount Wellington, Brighton, and Single Hill.

Can You Paraglide Anywhere in Australia?

You are not allowed to paraglide anywhere you want in Australia. The country has very strict rules on aviation activities, including paragliding. The Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (SAFA) oversees all aviation activities. It also ensures that all rules are put in place and are being followed.

Aside from the SAFA regulations, you must also adhere to the aviation rules of the Australian state that you are visiting. While there are many paragliding sites in Australia, you are only allowed on a paragliding site that matches your skills.

Where Is the Paragliding in South Africa?

South Africa is home to many popular paragliding sites. So much so that there are quite a lot of paragliding companies scattered all over the place. If you are in South Africa and you want to see the place from above, then make sure to check out these paragliding spots:

Sir Lowry’s Pass

Located only 30 minutes from Cape Town, Sir Lowry’s Pass is one of the most popular paragliding spots in South Africa. One thing that makes it popular is that you don’t have to climb up a mountain to get to the launch site. Instead, you quite literally just need to step out of your car and into the launch site.

If you wish to paraglide in Sir Lowry’s Pass, you must be at least 18 (make sure to secure your parental consent!) and weigh between 20 to 120 kgs (44 or 265 lbs.). You also need to attend a briefing and sign a disclaimer before you can be allowed to fly.

Kleinkrantz Dunes

Located in the quaint village of Kleinkrantz, this place is a popular dune launch site. While the main dune is ideal for paragliding, some of the smaller dunes are not suitable for beginners due to erosion caused by strong winds.

Paradise Ridge

The Kleinkrantz Dunes give easy access to Paradise Ridge. This is a cliff-launch site and once midair, you would be dazzled by the perfect ridge and the clear blue-green ocean. Since this is a cliff-launch site, you should be aware of the sudden impact of the wind as you ascend.


Porterville is considered one of Cape Town’s premier paragliding spots. It has an altitude of 700 above sea level. While many of the launch sites in Cape Town are filled with lush sceneries, Porterville offers a view of a dry and rocky mountain range.

For the best time to paraglide, make sure to visit between November and March. But if you want to be challenged, you can also schedule your visit in June and September. These are the winter months, and the conditions are more challenging.

Table Mountain

Standing at a staggering 1,000 asl, the launch site of Table Mountain is so high that you need to ride a cable car to reach it. This spot is not recommended for beginners. Even seasoned and professional paragliders often have a hard time taking off on this site. This is due to shifting wind currents.

This is also a cliff-launch that requires you to be an expert in handling reverse launches. To be able to fly from Table Mountain, you need a minimum of 200 flight experiences. You also need to have two guided flights with experienced locals before you are allowed to fly on your own.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Paraglide in South Africa?

There is no actual rule on how old or young you need to be able to paraglide in South Africa. The discretion usually comes down to the paragliding company that you choose. For solo paragliding, the minimum age is usually ten years old for most paragliding companies. Minors also need to present a consent form.

For tandem paragliding, the rule is more lenient. There is no actual minimum age limit, but the passenger needs to be at least three years old. However, you should reach the minimum height limit and should not go over the maximum weight limit.

You have to be at least 50 cm (1.64 ft) to be able to paraglide. You cannot go over 250 cm (8. 20 feet). The maximum weight limit is 135 kg (300 lbs.).

Can You Paraglide in Cape Town?

Cape Town is one of the more popular paragliding locations in South Africa. The sport is so popular in this area that you will find several paragliding companies offering different packages.

These companies usually offer transfers from accommodation to paragliding sites. They also offer in-flight photos and videos, among others. They also most definitely cater to both solo and tandem paragliding.

How Much Does It Cost to Paraglide in Cape Town?

The cost of paragliding in Cape Town usually varies from the paragliding company and the package that you will avail yourself of. Solo and tandem paragliding are also priced differently. On average, solo paragliding will cost you 1,000 ZAR (approximately 65 USD), while tandem paragliding can set you back 1,500 ZAR (approximately 100 USD).

The price can exponentially increase if you add more items to your package. These items may include transfer to and from your accommodation and photos and videos. You will also need to pay more if you want to stay in the air longer.