How Do I Get Into Canyoneering (and Where Can I Go Canyoning)?

One of the many great ways to get into canyoneering is to go on training programs particularly for canyoneering. Acquiring proper training is a good way to start as you will be trained by highly experienced guides.
How Do I Get Into Canyoneering

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It is also recommended to start by going on guided tours. These tours are usually done as a group and you will be accompanied by experienced guides to keep you safe. You will learn more about the sport of canyoneering overtime as you develop outstanding problem-solving skills. There are countless mesmerizing canyons to explore all over the world but one of the most famous destinations among tourists is Kawasan Falls located in the Philippines.

What Does Canyoning Mean?

Canyoning, also known as canyoneering, is an adventure sport where through deep rocky slots, you navigate ancient watercourses. It incorporates hiking, biking, scrambling, swimming, and/or abseiling, rock climbing, cliff jumping, and sliding which makes it an exceptionally pleasurable and thrilling activity.

The sport is an exciting way of discovering the depths of remote canyons etched by erosion over millions of years. Canyoning will take you to beautiful areas and views that others have never seen or touched.

Is Canyoning a Sport?

Canyoning is classified as an extreme adventure sport that combines an array of different activities. Sports that are an essential component of ‘canyoning’ are mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, diving, and swimming.

A combination of these techniques blends this category of sports into a special adventurous and challenging activity. Similar to mountaineering or caving, canyoning started as an exploration sport. This activity has been around for quite some time now, but it is one of the newest extreme sports in the world.

Is Canyoning an Extreme Sport?

Canyoning is one of the most recent extreme sports and it has only been classified as an extreme sport for some 10-15 years. It mixes a lot of other extreme sports like rock climbing, rappelling, cliff jumping, and a lot more. Canyoning techniques are hard to learn which is why it is beneficial to obtain proper training

Having said that, canyoning can be as extreme or easy as one would like. Some people prefer to just enjoy nature and opt to avoid the more demanding activities. The level of extremity can be set by the canyoner.

How Dangerous is Canyoneering?

Without enough experience, canyoneering can be an extremely dangerous sport especially if you do not take the necessary precautions. Canyoneering is a sport of uncertainty. No matter how careful you are, how much preparation you have, how well organized your trip is, or how much experience you have, there is always a risk that you will be seriously injured or worse.

As a canyoner, whether you be a beginner or experienced, you should learn about these risks and be prepared for such circumstances. At the end of the day, prioritizing your safety always comes first among all other things. Here’s a list of the most common accidents in canyoning:

  • Dehydration
  • Drowning
  • Falling
  • Flash floods
  • Heat Exhaustion
  • Getting lost
  • Hypothermia
  • Potholes
  • Rockfall
  • Animal encounters

What Equipment Do You Need for Canyoning?

Technical equipment is needed for canyoning to keep you and your buddies safe. Canyoning is not an easy sport and you need to have the proper equipment to mitigate the risks that come with the wonderful sport. The equipment you need will vary depending on the program but canyoning equipment usually includes:

  • First-aid kit
  • Static ropes
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Sling
  • Carabiner
  • Harness
  • Descender
  • Helmet
  • Knife
  • Prusiks
  • Maillons
  • Whistle
  • Safety line
  • Water-proof pack
  • Camera (optional)

What Do You Wear for Canyoning?

As much as possible, avoid wearing clothing made from cotton because they get wet and heavy easily. Try wearing pieces of clothing that can dry rapidly. You must be appropriately dressed and comfortable enough with what you’re wearing to make the most out of your trip.

Canyoning will not only get you wet; it will also get you dirty. Having dry clothes with you will surely come in handy when you need to change. Here’s a list of what you should wear when you go canyoning:

  • Shirt/shorts: Again, avoid wearing cotton because it gets wet easily and takes too long to dry. Wear clothing that dries quickly, like sport-specific clothes.
  • Warm hat: If you are someone who gets cold easily, keeping your head warm will make the experience somewhat more enjoyable. A warm beanie will do the job in most cases.
  • Thermals: These are a lot lighter and do not limit your movement. Instead of a wetsuit, some canyoners like to wear thermal underwear better. In brutally cold canyons, thermals may also be worn for extra warmth underneath your wetsuit.
  • Wetsuit: Some canyons are extremely wet, deep, and cold. The majority of canyoners wear wetsuits in these places to keep themselves warm. Wetsuits are a good idea if you are someone who gets cold very easily.
  • Socks: Neoprene socks are a good option because they keep sand from entering and provide extra warmth for your feet. Another good option is wool socks because they are affordable.
  • Canyoning Shoes: Wear a pair of shoes that provide you with excellent support, flexibility, and a strong grip.

What Shoes Do You Wear for Canyoning?

The Kawasan Canyoneering experience typically includes a diversity of physically tiring yet enjoyable activities. Therefore, it is highly advisable to wear a pair of comfortable closed shoes or outdoor sandals with secure straps that have excellent grip. You will be walking on a few slippery rocks so wearing high-traction shoes will certainly be useful.

Generally, normal hiking boots are not sufficient since they are not built to go through water. A pair of lightweight water shoes is also a good choice because they drain well and dry easily. Canyoneering can be quite harsh to your shoes so make an effort to choose the ones that can grapple with rocks and stand firm against beating.

Where Can You Go Canyoning?

A great number of canyons are scattered throughout the world that adventure-seekers can visit and explore. Here are some of the most amazing canyoning destinations across the globe:

  1. Kawasan Falls, Philippines
  2. Zion National Park, Utah
  3. Grimsel Canyon, Switzerland
  4. Agawa Canyon, Canada
  5. Tara Canyon, Montenegro
  6. Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica
  7. Mount Aspiring National Park, New Zealand
  8. Kamoshika Canyon, Japan
  9. Jalbire Canyon, Central Nepal
  10. Blyde River Canyon & Nuy River Gorge, South Africa
  11. Copper Canyon, Southwest Mexico
  12. Nathrach Canyon, Scotland
  13. Blue Mountains, Eastern Australia
  14. Suicide Gorge, South Africa
  15. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

What is Canyoning Like in Australia?

The canyons in Australia typically have very low water flows and stagnant pools since it is a dry continent. The peak season for canyoning in Australia is from December until March. During these months, the water is slightly warmer than usual which attracts a great number of adventure seekers.

There’s a substantial amount of popular and regularly explored canyons in the mountains of Australia. If you would like to add a bit more thrill to your canyoning trip, there are multiple other less popular canyons that you could explore. These canyons only have a few established rock anchors which make them more challenging for canyoners because they have to build their own anchors.

What is Canyoning Like in Switzerland?

Canyoning season in Switzerland begins in May up until the end of September. It is well-known for its peaceful countryside filled with plenty of breathtaking views and sceneries. Switzerland has gained massive popularity as one of the most famous destinations for countless outdoor activities such as skiing, sledding, paragliding, canyoning, and a lot more.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then canyoning in Switzerland is the perfect outdoor activity for you! The Swiss Alps is one of the most popular canyoning destinations in Switzerland that is absolutely worth a visit. It offers a wide variety of unique and pleasurable canyoning experiences that attracts millions of people all around the world.

What is Canyoning Like in Costa Rica?

There is a variety of remarkable canyons for adventure-hungry souls to explore in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a country that has an abundance of small rivers, waterfalls, and mountains covered in rainforest. Canyoning in Costa Rica will include walking your way through water forests while enjoying the view of some of the most breathtaking waterfalls you will ever see in your whole life.

You can go on safely guided operations for tourists that do not require any previous canyoning experience. The Arenal Volcano area offers some of the best canyoning tours. If you like to go on even harder and extremely challenging ones, there are multiple canyons that include strenuous activities such as rappelling, ziplining, hiking, swimming, jumping, and many more.

What is Kawasan Falls?

Kawasan Falls is undoubtedly the most famous and frequently visited tourist attraction in Badian, Cebu, Philippines. It is a multi-layered waterfall situated in the town of Badian, Cebu in Barangay Matutinao. It is more or less one kilometer away from the national highway of Badian.

It’s gorgeous, dazzling and crystal-clear turquoise water made it extremely popular among the locals and tourists all around the world. The stunning multi-layered waterfall that sits at the foot of the Mantalongon Mountain Range has become widely known across the globe.

How Long is the Kawasan Canyoneering?

There is a jungle trail in Badian that is about 10km. The time it takes canyoneering depends on how fast you go but it usually takes around four to five hours. If you are someone who likes to enjoy the peace and quiet that is nature surrounding you, then it will take you a bit longer and that is completely fine. After all, you will want to make the most out of an incredibly tiring yet relaxing canyoneering adventure.

There are various ways to reach Kawasan Falls in the jungles. A canyoneering trip will be very enjoyable if you are up for an adventure. This involves a mixture of different entertaining activities such as hiking, rappelling, swimming, scrambling, cliff jumping, rock hopping, and many more!

What Should I Wear for Kawasan Canyoneering?

Just like any outdoor sport, wear clothes that you are comfortable in and do not restrict your movement since you will be doing a lot of fun and physically exhausting activities. You will want to wear clothes that enable you to move freely without difficulty. It is recommended to stay away from cotton because they get wet and heavy quickly so it is preferable to wear clothing that dries easily.

As mentioned earlier, the Kawasan Canyoneering experience involves a variety of strenuous activities. It is highly recommended to wear a pair of comfortable closed shoes or outdoor sandals with secure straps that have excellent grip. This will provide you with excellent support and stability as you will be walking on some slippery rocks.

How Much is the Canyoneering in Cebu?

How much you spend for a pleasurable canyoneering experience in Cebu varies depending on where you plan to go to. With that being said, a canyoneering trip in Cebu approximately costs around 1,500 PHP (Philippine Peso) or 30 USD (U.S. Dollars). This is inclusive of transportation to get you to your destination, an experienced tour guide to keep you safe, your entrance fee, a safety vest, bottled water, and a scrumptious lunch after the trip.

Some canyoneering destinations in Cebu have an entrance fee of less than 50 PHP or 1 USD if you just want to visit the place and skip the canyoneering part. You also have to account for other expenses such as food, travel fees, and lodging if you plan to stay for more than a day.