Does Bouldering Get Me in Shape (and Can I Lose Weight and Build Muscles)?

Bouldering targets the whole upper body (forearms, arms, back), core, back and lower body (glutes and legs). Thus, this sport is a great way to shed a few pounds or if you want to increase your fitness level. Muscles get toned the more you climb and practice and as they adjust to the demands of the bouldering. Additionally, bouldering also improves flexibility, strength, endurance, and analytical and problem-solving skills.
Does Bouldering Get Me in Shape

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Bouldering is an intense sport that targets a wide variety of muscle groups in the body. You will work muscles you didn’t even know you had, thus, providing a full body workout.

Beginner boulderers generally see changes in the body only a few months into bouldering. Whether you start slowly or jump in head first in the sport, you will reap a full-body workout that puts your gyming to shame!

What Are the Benefits of Bouldering?

Aside from the physical benefits of developing a leaner and muscular figure, it’s also a workout for the brain. Boulderers often speak of a “Zen” mindfulness moment when they climb, a flow state when they are really focused and concentrate on a problem in front of them.

Bouldering has a reputation for being a fun and social sport where people congregate in the gym or outdoors on the crag and spot each other, solve problems together, and generally just have fun. So next time you climb, reap the social benefits of this sport and say hi to fellow boulderers.

How Does Bouldering Change Your Body?

Going for an easy or intense climb demands a lot from the body. Doing this repetitively over a period of time acclimates the body to perform accordingly.

The core and back muscles help to keep you stable and balanced as you hold your body close to the wall. The glutes and legs work together so you can push yourself and climb. Arms, forearms, and fingers lend additional strength and power to pull yourself upwards.

Does Bouldering Build Muscle and Make You Stronger?

Bouldering is a good way to build muscles and give yourself a more toned physique.

It’s a rigorous routine that’s a mix of cardio and strength training. It definitely takes your fitness to the next level.

Can You Get Ripped From Bouldering?

Bouldering works and tones a lot of muscle groups, however, boulderers may not look as “ripped” as bodybuilders. It’s a leaner look similar to runners and sprinters.

Keep in mind that genetics, diet, and overall lifestyle also plays a part in all of this.

Is Bouldering Good for Your Back?

This muscle building and aerobic workout demand a lot from the body and it can be tough. Bouldering can be good for the back. However, there are also studies that show it can also cause back pain.

Research suggests that climbing at least once a week for an hour minimum can help decrease lower back pain and strengthen the muscles. On the contrary, bouldering can cause back pain when you:

  • incorrectly use your core muscles and dump all the strain to your back
  • jump or fall from the wall and compress your spine as you land on your feet
  • inaccurately use techniques and cause your back injury

If you are aware of any back injury, it is best to consult your doctor prior to visiting the gym to get advice on how to safely approach this sport.

Is Bouldering Good Cardio Work Out?

A sport as strenuous as bouldering works as a cardiovascular workout. Bouldering is just not one discipline; it is a mix of strength training and cardio and it really packs a punch.

You will find yourself puffing for air as you warm up and climb through different problems. Moreover, it also has an element of balance and flexibility.

Is Bouldering a Good Way to Lose Weight?

If your goal is to lose weight and increase your fitness level, then bouldering is for you! It is a good exercise to burn fat as you will spend a good chunk of time on the wall. It can push you physically and mentally as you endure and finish the climb.

Additionally, it tones the arms, core, back, legs, glutes. You will also look great as bouldering gives you a toned athletic build as opposed to looking skinny.

How Many Calories Do You Burn While Bouldering?

On average, boulderers claim 500-700 calories burned per hour or bouldering session. For reference, a person weighing 155 pounds can burn around 8-10 calories per minute (around 380-600 calories per hour).

To get a more accurate result use a fitness tracker and app specifically tailored to monitor your heart rate, activities, and over all lifestyle.

How Many Calories Does Indoor Bouldering Burn?

Apart from the ones mentioned in the previous question, a few factors also come into play when you count for calories burned, like:

  • Bouldering grade difficulty
  • Efficiency of climbing
  • Intensity of climbing (can be low intensity or high intensity)
  • Number of hours spent climbing (you might take breaks to spot a partner)

Is There a Weight Limit for Bouldering?

It is not recommended that an obese person boulder. People with a body mass index (BMI) of 30, might have a hard time with technical issues like shifting positions and reaching for holds.

Overweight people can try bouldering and might have a difficult time with endurance as carrying extra weight can cause fatigue to arms and legs. In the end, it’s still best to consult a professional to ensure safety.