How Much Does Indoor Skydiving Cost (and How Long Does an Indoor Skydive Last)?

If you want to go indoor skydiving, be prepaid to shell out anything between 60 to 100 dollars. This price may go up depending on the inclusions that you want to be added on top of your package. The flight lasts just 2 to 8 minutes on average, but indoor skydiving companies advise flyers to get there several hours before the flight to get ready.
How Much Does Indoor Sky Diving Cost

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If you dream of flying but is scared of jumping off of a plane, then indoor skydiving is the next best thing for you. Granted you would only be experiencing simulated flying instead of freefalling thousands of feet above the ground, but indoor skydiving is arguably safer, and you can stay in the air for much longer.

Is Indoor Skydiving Expensive?

Indoor skydiving can be pretty expensive. The price varies with the length of time that you spend in the wind tunnel. The time package differs from indoor skydiving company to another, but the flight time lasts around 2 or 4 minutes.

You can score discounts if you go in groups and the overall price brings down the cost per person. There may also be added cost if you want additional minutes, videos or photos, and high fights.

How Much Does It Cost to Go to Indoor Skydiving?

On average, it may cost you between 60 to 100 dollars to experience indoor skydiving. There are different price packages (basic, deluxe, and group) that you can choose from.

Some wind tunnels which offer 2-minute flight time can cost you 60 dollars while 4 minutes would cost you 110 dollars. The price goes down as you increase your tunnel time.

You should expect added extra cost, especially for first-time fliers. But, time and again, first-time indoor skydivers agreed that the experience was well worth the price.

How Much Is Indoor Skydiving at iFLY?

iFLY is one of the more popular indoor skydiving companies in the United States of America. Their most basic first-time flyer package can cost you 59.95 dollars.

The flight packages can go higher or lower depending on several aspects set upon by the company. These include:

  • Number of flyers
  • Flying experience
  • Flight time

iFLY also offers special perks and price packages for large groups. Be sure to contact your local iFLY so they can assist you or you can book via the IFLY website.

How Long Does Indoor Skydiving Session Take?

For first-time flyers, the whole indoor skydiving session may take 1 to 2 hours. You would actually only be flying for just 2 to 8 minutes (depending on the package that you got) but there is a lot that goes on before you can even fly.

Indoor skydiving sessions would usually include:

  • Check-in time
  • Introductory, safety and training briefings conducted by your personal instructor
  • Gearing up (jumpsuit, earplugs, helmet, and goggles)
  • Being shown basic movements before being allowed to fly.
  • After your flight, you would need to de-gear.

It is also recommended to talk to your instructor about your experience. You can also get your photos and videos after your flight.

How Long Does iFLY Indoor Skydiving Take?

Your flight time with iFLY would depend on the package that you choose, but on average it would last around 2 one-minute rotations. You can obviously go longer if you pay for more time.

Overall, the iFLY experience takes around an hour and 45 minutes. Your session would include check-in time, safety training, actual flight time, and de-gearing.