Where Can I Go Heli Skiing (The Best Heli Ski Locations in the World)?

Heli skiing is a dream that many skiers want to achieve. If you’re looking to take the jump, you definitely want to do it in the best heli ski location in the world. And the best ones have endless terrains, pure powder snow, luxuries and add-ons that will give you the ultimate heli skiing experience.
Where Can I Go Heli Skiing

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There are many heli skiing locations in the world. Of course, any skier who’ll be taking on this challenge wants to do it in the best heli ski location that the world has to offer.

But it’s an activity that doesn’t come cheap. Depending on where you are in the budget department, you’ll want the most value or one that can give you the most luxurious accommodations and amenities that money can buy.

So before you pack your bags and ski gear, check out this list of the best heli skiing locations in the world.

Where Can You Heli Ski in the US?

The US has one of the largest heli skiing areas in the world. There are several states where you can get your heli ski rush, giving you plenty of options. Alaska is the most notable, with the northern state having some of the best and most luxurious spots in the world.

In Alaska, you’ll also find the most number of operators in the US. The steep and deep dives that they offer are what make them a world-famous heli skiing location.

However, outside of Alaska, there are other states that have great heli skiing spots. They’re located in Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Nevada. However, they don’t offer as many heli ski operators like in Alaska.

If you’re planning a heli skiing trip in the US, here are a few things you need to know.

What Is Heli Skiing Like in Alaska?

Alaska’s heli skiing locations are best known for their steep and deep dives. This is because the ski terrains are found on glacial peaks. So you can expect strong snowpacks, with the snow really sticking even on the steepest terrain. This makes avalanche risk very low and steep diving possible.

Aside from steep dives, powder snow is abundant in Alaska. It gets the most snow compared to other US locations, giving you peak heli skiing conditions all year round. In fact, one of its heli skiing locations, the Chugach Range, has an annual snowfall of 30 to 80 feet.

Combine this with the steep and long ski runs and you get some of the most advanced and extreme skiing terrains that the world has to offer. So if that’s what you’re looking for, Alaska is where you should go.

Where Is the Best Heli Skiing in Alaska?

There are a lot of heli skiing locations in Alaska but if you’re looking for the best ones, then you have to check out the Chugach Range and Tordillo.

Chugach Mountain Range

If you’ve seen movies with daredevil heli skiing scenes, they’ve most probably been shot in the Chugach Range, and for good reason. In this mountain range, you get the authentic Alaskan experience. It’s the state’s most natural area, offering a lot of different activities and wildlife, but it’s the heli skiing that draws in the crowd.

It’s the Chugach mountain range that has big lines and steep, deep dives. It gets tons of snow, around 700 inches a year, offering moist powder that’s the most stable for steep slopes. You can also experience one of the highest runs in this area at 3,000 to 5,000 feet.

There are several heli ski guides/operators in the area, some offering the finest accommodations and other amenities. In Chugach, you can also get the best glacier views in all of Alaska.

Tordillo Mountains

Home to North America’s highest peak, the Tordillo Mountains is another well-known location where skiing action scenes are filmed. It’s also where some big names in skiing get their rush. What makes the Tordillo mountains one of the best in Alaska is that it has endless terrains and runs that can reach as high as 7,500  feet.

And out of all the Alaskan heli ski ranges, you’ll experience the most stable weather in the Tordillo Mountains, giving you more opportunities to ride throughout the year.

How Much Is Helicopter Skiing in Alaska?

As one of the premier helicopter skiing spots in the world, you can expect packages to cost more in Alaska. Here’s what a typical heli skiing package looks like:

  • Mixed group package price range: $6,495 to $9,750 per person
  • Private tours: starts at $9,000 per person per day.

In Chugach, the standard heli skiing package will cost you upwards of $5,900 with lodging. Meanwhile, the most luxurious heli ski package in Tordillo starts at $15,000.

But given the large number of heli ski operators in the area, you’ll be sure to find various package options that will suit your budget.

Can You Heli Ski in Colorado?

As one of the mountain states, you can definitely ski in Colorado. The state is famous for its landscape and abundant space for outdoor activities, including heli skiing.

Outside of Alaska, Colorado is the best heli skiing location in the US. The state has several ski parks with heli ski operations. In Colorado, Vail mountain offers the widest backcountry terrain.

Aside from Vail, you can also heli ski in the following locations:

  • San Juan mountain range, Telluride.
  • Aspen Mountain, Aspen.
  • Silverton Mountain, Silverton.

Can You Heli Ski in Vail?

Yes, you can heli ski in Vail, Colorado. However, heli ski tours don’t operate in Vail itself. Instead, you’ll fly from Telluride to get to Vail’s heli skiing spots. And with Vail mountain as your playground, heli ski operators offer you thousands of acres of powder snow waiting to be ridden.

If you do choose to stay in Vail, it houses a ski resort world-renowned for its size and the luxurious experience it provides.

How Much Does Heli Skiing Cost in Colorado?

There are two main locations where heli ski providers operate: Silverton and Telluride. Below are the heli skiing base package costs in the different areas in Colorado.


Silverton Mountain is the main heli skiing in the area with the following estimated costs:

  • Single heli-run: $184 per person
  • 6 run package: $1,190
  • Private tour: starts at $11,990

If you’re staying in Telluride or Aspen, it’s also possible to heli ski in Silverton which will cost you upwards of $2,400.


Heli skiing in the San Juan Mountain will have the following estimated prices:

  • $1,450 per person, per day.
  • Private tour: $7,500/hour

You can also heli ski in Aspen or Vail from Telluride. For this special group package, be prepared to pay upwards of $2,800.

How Much Is Heli Skiing in Idaho?

Idaho is located in Northwestern US and is known for its mountain ranges and it has a couple of heli ski operators.

Sun Valley

The state’s resort town is home to its premier ski resort and is famous for being one of the first skiing towns in the US. Heli skiing costs in this are as follows:

  • Full day: $1,625 during low season and $1,650 during the peak season.
  • Half-day: $1,100 (low) and $1,200 (peak).

These don’t include your food and lodging, so you’ll have to inquire about those separately.


If you’re staying in Sandpoint, you’ll be heli skiing in the southern Selkirk Mountains. If you like big powder fields and perfectly spaced trees, this is your best bet. So be prepared to spend the following:

  • $1,600 per seat.
  • Starting at $11,400 for a private package.

How Much Does Heli Skiing Cost Utah?

Utah has several ski resorts but a few heli ski operators. The state also has great powder snow, known for its light character, and has been dubbed as the “Greatest Snow on Earth.”

Heli skiing in Utah will cost you at least $1,250 for a single-seat package while a private package will cost upwards of $14,000. This may or may not include food, so you’ll have to check with your chosen operator about its inclusions.

How Much Is Heli Skiing in Jackson Hole?

Jackson Hole Valley is located in Wyoming and is home to Rocky Mountain’s Teton Range. If you want to heli ski in Jackson Hole, their daily package starts at $1,550 per person per day. It comes with an option to add additional runs at a rate of $160 per run.

In Jackson Hole, you’ll be riding the Teton backcountry terrains. The area receives consistent snowfall, so you’ll be sure to get a consistent powder snow experience.

What Is Heli Skiing Like in Canada?

As heli skiing’s birthplace, Canada is one of the best heli skiing locations on the planet. And British Columbia is considered the heli skiing capital of the world.

It’s no wonder that 95% of heli ski operators are located in Canada, giving you several options when it comes to planning your tour.

One reason why heli skiing in Canada is one of the best is its vast terrain which is unlike any other. With a heli skiing landscape bigger than the total land area of some countries, you won’t run out of backcountry terrain to ride on.

And because of its size, Canada’s terrains have the most variety for heli ski enthusiasts. You can also expect perfect powder snow, especially in the interior Columbia Mountain range where you’ll be treated to an abundance of light, dry snow.

How Much Does It Cost to Heli Ski in Canada?

Like other heli skiing locations, Canada’s heli ski operators offer private and multi-day packages. If you want to experience the best heli skiing in the world, expect to spend a lot of money.

Here’s what a typical heli skiing package looks like:

  • Single-day 3 run package: from CA $1,000
  • Single-day 5 run package: from CA $1,200

If you want to include food in your package, it will cost you CA $1,400 to CA $2,400 more, depending on the operator.

For private tours, you’ll find packages that start at a little over CA $8,000 per person. Some operators don’t list their prices and you’ll have to contact them directly to find out.

How Much Does Heli Skiing Cost in Whistler?

Whistler, British Columbia, has one of the largest ski resorts in the world.  You can also heli ski in Whistler, with operators offering single or multi-day packages.

Depending on the season, packages start at CA $950 per person for group tours. Meanwhile, private tours start at CA $9,000 per person.

Whistler and Blackbomb mountains are the two titans in this location.

How Much Is Heli Skiing in Revelstoke?

In Revelstoke, a 3 run package starts at CA $995 and 5 runs start at CA $1,150 per person. Private tours start at CA $34,830.

Revelstoke is a small town in British Columbia located between the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges.

Several operators offer heli skiing in Revelstoke and the price varies for each. Some have lodges in either mountain range, so it’s really up to you where you want to stay.

Where Can You Heliski in Europe?

Europe has several countries that offer a heli skiing experience. Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, and Greenland are just a few of these places. Each country has its own unique charm and experience that’s a bit different from Canada or the US.

One major difference about heliskiing in Europe is that you can’t land anywhere. There are designated landing sites with a specific number of lines available. However, this doesn’t degrade your experience because of the amazing line quality.

Europe has some of the highest lines which can reach more than 2,400 meters. Due to the long runs, you’ll be getting various terrain and snow conditions in a single run. This requires more technical skills which isn’t friendly to rookie heli skiers.

Another difference with the European heli skiing experience is that it’s based on a resort or ski village. Rare are the mountain lodges like the ones you’ll find in Canada or the US. Furthermore, heli skiing in Europe usually consists of a single heli drop. Multi-day trips are available but aren’t the norm.

But some countries ban heliskiing, though. France and Germany have outlawed heli skiing due to environmental concerns. More on that below.

Can You Heli Ski in Switzerland?

You can definitely heli ski in Switzerland. The Swiss Alps is known for its big descents amid the gigantic mountain ranges. Here you’ll find Zermatt, considered a skiing mecca by many enthusiasts.

Aside from Zermatt, you’ll find other heli skiing operators in Verbier and the Valais region in southern Switzerland.

How Much Is Heli Skiing in Switzerland?

Heli skiing in Switzerland usually starts at CHF 310 for a single run. The price is for the helicopter ride and the guide only. Equipment rental will have a separate fee.

Other operators offer a full package of several days of heli skiing plus accommodations and other extras. Of course, these cost more. A full package starts at CHF 2,050 and will vary depending on your preference.

How Much Is Heli Skiing in Zermatt?

If you plan to stay in Zermatt, it serves as your access point to different heli skiing locations in the area. Monte Rosa, Alphubeljoch, and Petersgrat are just a few of your choices.

So, the cost will depend on the location. Aeschihorn has the lowest at CHF 385 per person and Ebenfluh is the highest at CHF 1,360 per person. Costs may or may not include the mountain guide fees, so it’s best to confirm with your tour operator.

Can You Heli Ski in Italy?

Yes, you can heli ski in Italy. Just like Switzerland, they have several operators that can bring you to different locations. Probably the most famous is Monte Rosa, which offers a diverse skiing experience coupled with spectacular views. In this location, you’ll find 2,000-meter vertical descents, wide alpine bowls, and a majestic skyline.

Aside from Monte Rosa, you can also heli ski in Courmayeur, Gressoney, Val Formazza, and Valle Stura.

Is Heli Skiing Illegal in France?

Yes, heli skiing is illegal in France. It was outlawed by the French government in 1985 due to environmental concerns.

Under what’s known as the “Mountain Law” of France’s Environmental Code, dropping off passengers in the mountains for leisure purposes is illegal except at authorized locations.

Why Is Heli Skiing Banned in France?

The ban was due to environmental concerns raised by local groups in the French heli skiing areas. These environmentalists claim that the helicopters’ constant presence in the remote backcountry areas contributes to air and noise pollution. They also point out how human activity poses a threat to local wildlife.

Can You Heli Ski in France?

Despite the ban, there’s still a way to get your heli ski rush even if you’re in France. You’ll just have to ski in the neighboring country’s mountain range. From a ski resort in the French Alps, you can take off and fly right next door to Italy.

To do this, you’ll want to stay at a resort that’s near La Rosiere, the closest helicopter base located at the border. From there, you can easily cross the border to Italy’s Aosta Valley. If you’re staying within the Chamonix Valley, you can also access Aosta Valley with ease.

Aside from Italy, you can also go to Switzerland. The French-Swiss border mountains and Verbier are the most popular heli ski locations.

How Much Is Heli Skiing in France?

Since you have to cross the border from France to heli ski, you’ll have to pay more than usual depending on your distance from the border of Italy or Switzerland. Of course, the longer or higher your ride is, the more expensive it will be.

The helicopter ride alone from La Rosiere to the drop-off at Aosta Valley in Italy can cost you around £1,400 for a party of 4. From there, a single heli drop costs £265 per person and 3 drops will cost you £700. This includes the mountain guide fee and the use of safety equipment.

If you opt to go to Switzerland, costs will vary per location but expect prices range from €450 to €770 per person for a party of 3.

Can You Heli Ski in Sweden?

Sweden is another European country where you can heli ski. But unlike the other countries on this list, Sweden has 5,000 square kilometers of remote terrain for you to ski on. You can even descend from its highest mountain, Kebnekaise, to experience 1,500 meter long runs. And given the arctic-level temperature, expect perfect powder snow even during the summer.

This arctic wilderness is a true adventure for anyone looking for one.

Where Is CMH Heli Skiing

CMH Heli Skiing is located in British Columbia, Canada. It’s the world’s oldest and largest heli ski operator and was founded by heli skiing’s pioneer, Hans Gomer.

With a massive terrain of 3 million acres, CMH offers12 different heli skiing locations across British Columbia’s mountain ranges like Revelstoke, Selkirk, and Monashee. Each one offers a unique skiing experience paired with beautiful lodges and high-class amenities.

How Much Does CMH Heli Skiing Cost?

CMH has different signature trips that you can choose from or customize according to your liking. The cost will vary depending on where you’ll ski and the luxuries you want to have during your trip.

Their signature trip starts at US $3,784 for a group of up to 11 people. This includes accommodations, the heli ride, the ski guide, and the use of safety equipment.

For private and exclusive heli skiing trips, you’ll have to contact CMH directly for the cost and other details.

Where Is the Best Heli Skiing?

British Columbia and Alaska are always on the list of the best heli skiing locations in the world. Between the two, British Columbia offers the best experience with its vast terrains, powder snow quality, variety, and the additional luxuries it has for those with deep pockets. As heli skiing’s birthplace, it’s no wonder that Canada houses most of the heli ski operators in the world.

However, picking the best is also a very subjective activity. Preferences and priorities vary for every skier and British Columbia may not give you the experience you’re looking for.

Outside of Canada and Alaska, many consider Zermatt as a great place to heli ski. But wherever you heli ski, the most important thing is you have a blast and create unforgettable adventures.